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CHERRY Key Switch Module, Brown, Tactile, Plate Mount


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The CHERRY MX 'brown' tactile key switch, to fit Filco keyboards, perfect for a switch swap or to make your own keyboard!
On it's base this has 2 solder pins and a large plastic locator pin, but it does not have the 2 smaller fixing pins found on some CHERRY switches, and does not include a diode or LED.

£1.20 (£1.00 ex VAT)

CHERRY Key Switch Module, Brown, Tactile, Plate Mount - MX1A-G1NN

Electrical characteristics
Switching voltage 12 V AC / DC max.
Switching current 10 mA AC / DC max.
Dielectric strength 500 V / 50 Hz
Durability at 5V, 1mA 50,000,000
Mechanical characteristics
Contact configuration Single-pole contact
Action Ergonomic
Actuator travel 4 0.5 mm
Pretravel 2 0.6 mm
Initial force 25 cN min.
Actuation force 45 20 cN
Pressure point force 55 20 cN
Bounce time during actuation with 0.4 m/s <5 ms
Standard lead spacing 19.05 mm (16 mm min.)
Fastening Snap fastening in frame
Insulation materials Thermoplastics (min.UL 94 HB)
Spring Stainless steel
Contacts High-quality gold alloy
Other Characteristics
Protection class IP 40
Operating temperature -10 C to +70 C
Storage temperature -40 C to +70 C
Humidity (without condensation) 5 % to 95 %

CHERRY Key Switch Module, Brown, Tactile, Plate Mount - MX1A-G1NN

Part Number
Without fixing pins
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
16 mm
16 mm
19 mm
10 g
Filco keyboards
Gross Weight
10 g

CHERRY Key Switch Module, Brown, Tactile, Plate Mount - MX1A-G1NN

  SP  01/05/2020
Bought these for a Filco Majestouch 2 keyboard that had been accident. Keys require dere-soldering, but it's pretty easy if you have the right tools.

NB. Beware of buying these keys at much lower prices from other online retailers, as there are plenty of Chinese fakes floating around!

Service from The Keyboard Company was exceptional, even in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Well done guys.
  Anonymous  23/12/2016
Used to replace some broken switches on my Blackbird MAX keyboard, they worked great.
  Adam  27/05/2017
My new switches were delivered quickly, and I was able to replace my broken switch on my Coolermaster Storm in a jiffy, and it works great!
  CJ  06/03/2017
Used these to mod a new Ducky keyboard; the keyboard was originally MX Red but I didn't like how reds felt on the space bar, return key, etc.

They were also used to repair my old Filco Majestouch that I may or may not have dropped coffee on.

Exactly as described, would buy again as needed!

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