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Blank Black Filco 105 Key Keyset Pack


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This pack has a full set of blank, black keycaps for Cherry switched, UK/EU layout, Filco keyboards, 10 additional white stabilizer parts and a key puller. The keycaps come in a reusable keycap tray that has enough space for a WASD set if you have one.
The set contains every keycap for the Majestouch keyboard but will fit a Tenkeyless too, the keycaps are finished with a UV coating.

£29.94 (£24.95 ex VAT)

Blank Black Filco 105 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS105BB

These caps will fit most keyboards with Cherry mechanical switches, but depending on the layout some keys may be a different size/shape.

Blank Black Filco 105 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS105BB

Part Number
Language Layout
Blank (UK/EU ISO)
Number of keys/buttons
465 mm
175 mm
22 mm
160 g
Cherry MX switches (105/88 ISO)
Gross Weight
350 g

Blank Black Filco 105 Key Keyset Pack - FKCS105BB

  Damjan  12/09/2022
Promptly delivered.

Keycaps are of a high quality, they feel great.
  Syn  05/03/2020
Other than having to work a little on removing the larger keycaps because of the stabilizers, the keycaps are basically the same as the original printed ones, so they're really high quality. I have the tenkeyless version so I have some spare keycaps now!
Didn't thought that the blanks would change the keyboard look SO much, even tough my initial keycaps were side printed.
  Jerry  22/12/2020
  Peter  27/07/2020
Top-quality keycaps, perfect on my Filco. Fast delivery
  Alex  19/02/2020
I bought these fully blank black keycaps for the UK Filco Convertible 2 - they seem at least as good as the original QWERTY keycaps and give the keyboard the sleek minimalist look I was aiming for. Replacing the larger keycaps was a little fiddly (follow the instructions given on unhooking them from the rails) but not too difficult once you get the hang of it, and all the required parts were included. Recommended if you want blanks on your Filco.

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