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Contour RollerMouse Free3, Black


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RollerMouse Free3 - Sleeker. Faster. Freer.

The Contour RollerMouse Free3 is a black 'bar' pointing device. The bar moves left and right to move the mouse pointer left and right, and rolls to move the mouse pointer up and down.

£304.99 (£254.16 ex VAT) 

Contour RollerMouse Free3, Black - KBC-RM008B

The RollerMouse Free3 is also equipped with 9 buttons, together with the included driver, 7 can be programmed to do almost anything you want them to. But you can, of course, just choose to use RollerMouse Free's built-in functions. In that case, just connect it to your computer and start working.

A modern upgrade to the Free2, RollerMouse Free3 brings you the same ergonomic design, precision and quality with the added benefits of more speed and extra buttons.

Natural feel for natural movement. RollerMouse Free3 features a new type of sensor located underneath the rollerbar, allowing for more precise cursor movements. It can accommodate multiples screens and combines flawlessly with laptops in office environments. RollerMouse Free3 fits seamlessly with our Balance Keyboard.

Work at your own pace. RollerMouse Free3 offers greater accuracy and cursor speed selection than its predecessor. The ten speeds range from 800 to 2800 dpi, allowing the Free3 to move quicker and easier across multiple monitors or extra-large screens. RollerMouse Free3 features a new, advanced sensor located underneath the rollerbar, allowing for more precise cursor movements. Work at the speed thatís right for you.

Easy to use. RollerMouse Free3 sports more padding with its new built-in wrist rest for increased comfort. The fully open, more stable rollerbar allows for room to move and accommodates varying shoulder widths. It also has a sturdier aluminum base and a quieter click.

New features for an updated feel. RollerMouse Free3 features two new buttons for forward and back in most Internet browsers, with a lower click volume to not disturb your workflow. At 0.9" high, the RollerMouse Free3 still boasts the lowest profile in the RollerMouse family, helping maintain a proper, ergonomic position. Its slim design fits perfectly with our Balance Keyboard. RollerMouse Free3 is ideal for users with varied hand sizes.

Contour RollerMouse Free3, Black - KBC-RM008B

Contour design
Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Number of keys/buttons
7 + Scroll
490 mm
115 mm
23 mm
900 g
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
1.2 kg

Contour RollerMouse Free3, Black - KBC-RM008B

  dima  29/03/2017
Very good as an additional device to classical mouse. Especially when you have full sized keyboard. All browsing, scrolling, text selection, etc easily can be done using roller mouse. Drawing still require classical mouse.
Your posture become correctly aligned.Your shoulders and lower back pain goes off. You stop spending time to move your right arm to and from mouse.
I would definitely recommend it for people who:
1. Can afford it
2. Work a lot with text

For example software developers.

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