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Filco Adjustable Keyboard Stand Majestouch BASE 440


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What is Majestic Keyboard Stand Majestouch BASE?
Essential for the computing era to make office, home work and gaming more comfortable!
People who work in office work or telework work at a computer all day, always operating keyboards and mice. If you are not able to operate in the correct posture, fatigue will accumulate unknowingly, causing various health problems and adversely affecting your entire life.

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Filco Adjustable Keyboard Stand Majestouch BASE 440 - FYS440HL

The Majestic Keyboard Stand "Majestouch BASE" reduces the burden on the neck, shoulders, and hips by maintaining the correct posture when typing.

Innovative stand to improve and make key input quality easier
A typical pc stand is just for a laptop or tablet, and it is not thought that it is key input at all.
Majestouch BASE's rigid base that firmly supports the input device greatly improves the feel of typing and reduces stress. In addition, it is an epoch-making stand that can freely adjust the height and angle of the stand so that it can work in the correct input posture, reducing the burden on the body and making it easier.

Available in different sizes
Majestouch BASE 440 is ideal for full size keyboards and/or wide notebooks with keypads.

Product Features design
It has a very simple design with a stainless steel top plate and bent leg members bolted in place. Precision machining technology that balances durability and function is applied everywhere in a simple structure.

The main body is made of a heavy and rigid 2 mm thick stainless steel plate, and it has a structure that supports high load capacity height adjustment legs with 4 points. It releases stress without flickering or wobbling when typing. Not only keyboards and notebook PCs, but also tablets and pen tablets can be used comfortably.

Because it is a 4-point support structure, 3D setting is also possible.

The height and angle can be adjusted according to the environment of use, reducing the burden on the wrist and elbow and allowing for comfortable input. The standard model is adjustable in angles from 5 to 13. Optional spacers can be used to adjust to a wider range of height and angle.

Finishing the product
In addition to suppressing the luster of stainless steel so as not to spoil the solid image that is also a product concept, we have made it a hairline unpainted finish that emphasizes the texture of the metal.
Because it is not painted, there may be traces that are put away during product processing and minor scratches to the extent that it does not significantly damage the appearance. Please note that it is not defective for marks and scratches that do not impair the function.

"Majestouch BASE" is manufactured in a factory in Japan using materials from Japan.

I want to make the stand a little higher. If you want to angle a little more, you can customize the height and angle by combining spacers that meet product standards.

  • The load capacity of spacer varies depending on the material and manufacturer. Be sure to check the strength before using.
  • Install so that the inclination of the height adjustment leg fits within 0 to 20 (manufacturer nominal value).
  • When customizing and using the product, it is not covered by the warranty. Please use it at your own responsibility after understanding in advance.

Max load 20KG, some assembly required.

Keyboard and wrist rest not included.

Filco Adjustable Keyboard Stand Majestouch BASE 440 - FYS440HL

Part Number
250 mm
440 mm
79 mm
2.23 kg
Gross Weight
2.7 kg

Filco Adjustable Keyboard Stand Majestouch BASE 440 - FYS440HL

  Tnn  26/04/2022
Stand is great. Very solid. Works as expected.
The item was clearly either used or used and dropped. It has dents and scratches and had fingerprints on it. Im not too bothered about it because its a big metal keyboard stand and its sitting under my board most of the time but what I got was not a new item.
Otherwise, super (and a little expensive) delivery and great service.

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