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Filco Majestouch TenKeyPad 2 Professional MX Silent Red Soft Linear Numberpad Black


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A Truly professional keypad in every aspect.
The Majestouch Tenkeypad 2 Pro has been designed to match perfectly with the Majestouch 2 Tenkeyless keyboard, the form of the bezel and keycap texture are same as current wired Majestouch series keyboards, and it uses Cherry MX switches which are also used in all FILCO Majestouch keyboards.

£49.98 (£41.65 ex VAT)

Filco Majestouch TenKeyPad 2 Professional MX Silent Red Soft Linear Numberpad Black - FTKP22MPS/B2

It comes with [Esc] [Tab] [Backspace] [00]* keys that are all essential for professional usage and great for fast data entry, and is equipped with USB-6 key rollover (6 keys can be pressed simultaneously*) and a detachable cable for convenient and smart cable routing.

Independent NumLock
The Majestouch Tenkeypad 2 Pro has independent NumLock this means the keypads NumLock status won't affect the keyboards NumLock status and vice versa.

An excellent feel with the 'Silent Red' MX silent soft linear feel key switch
The Cherry MX 'Silent Red' key switch also known as 'Pink', gives a soft linear feel without the audible click of the 'blue' switch and it's lighter than the 'black' switch, it has a long key stroke of 4mm with the actuation point (key press) at 2mm. The Silent Red switch has internal tappets that minimise the bottom-out and top-out noise, 30% quieter than traditional mechanical switches. Easy, fast, quiet and stress-free typing, the famous features of Cherry MX silent soft linear feel.

* [00] key is with a special command specification and it will not repeat with long key press.
* A max of 6 simultaneous key presses are recognized due to USB protocol limitation.

Filco Majestouch TenKeyPad 2 Professional MX Silent Red Soft Linear Numberpad Black - FTKP22MPS/B2

Part Number
Cable length
1 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
CHERRY MX Silent Red
88 mm
137 mm
37 mm
230 g
PC only
Gross Weight
400 g

Filco Majestouch TenKeyPad 2 Professional MX Silent Red Soft Linear Numberpad Black - FTKP22MPS/B2

  BTD  21/04/2023
Bought this to replace my 13 years old Filco's numpad as the '-' key no longer works. It's a nice replacement as I started to like the red switch more and more.
The only thing I'm not getting used to yet is the 0 on my keyboard is bigger but on this Numberpad it is split into two keys, '0' and '00'.

Overall, highly recommended. Always been a fan of Filco's products. High quality stuff and endure the test of time!
  Tom  23/02/2019
This has been paired with a Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless (FKBN87MPSEB2) to separate the number pad and give more room for mouse and keyboard usage when gaming to stop hitting the keyboard with the mouse, as was happening with my old full-sized keyboard, while still keeping having the number pad available when I do want it.

There's a nice solid feel to the number pad and the switches are nice and quiet with a much smoother, less stiff feel than my old membrane keyboard. The detachable cable is certainly a plus if a shorterlonger cable is desired, e.g. plugging into another keyboards usb hub.

I'm using this on Linux so the only real issue is that the '=' key doesn't work as expected (it sends Alt+6+1), but otherwise the other keys work fine and it sends the number keys as number pad numbers, not regular number row numbers (the ones above the letter key area).

Altogether a quality feeling product, delivered very promptly.
  GWC  31/05/2022
A very nice bit of kit. Goes next to my Filco tenkeyless keyboard when needed - already proving useful. I tried the Cherry silent red key version, whereas my keyboard is Cherry browns. I think I prefer the silent reds so it was a good experiment. I had bought Filco double shot key tops for the keyboard and had most of the required key tops for the number pad left over, so put them on. Only the EscTab=backspace on the top row and 0(ins)00 are missing so remain original. It works fine like that and the double shot key tops are nicer. It would be good if at least the 0(ins) and 00 were also available in doubleshot so the whole numberpad part can be DS.

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