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X87 Capacitive Programmable Tenkeyless Keyboard


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The latest X87 2021 version:-

  • Upgraded PCB
  • Mulit-media features
  • Edited Mac keys

The X87 is an 87 key keyboard with a tenkeyless layout, the same as a standard full-size layout but without the keypad and it connects via a detachable USB cable.

£160.00 (£133.33 ex VAT) 

X87 Capacitive Programmable Tenkeyless Keyboard - NIZ87-048

The X87 uses 35g Electro Capacitive switching similar to Topre switching but with the addition of being compatible with Cherry MX keycaps. Also included are 40+ additional 10g/20g springs that can be added under a keycap to increase the switch weight.

The keycaps are white and grey PBT with black legends, the function key can be programmed to perform different actions with the rest of the keys as the layout is programmable.

The X87 come configured for PC but includes 4 Mac keycaps, 2 x Alt/Opt and 2 x CMD and a keypuller to help replace them.

Included is a detachable USB C to standard USB A white braided cable, this plugs in under the keyboard, a wire keypuller, 4 Mac keys for Mac mode, some replacement stabilizers (Filco style), 2 replacement switch plungers and an assembled switch to add to your keyring.

X87 Capacitive Programmable Tenkeyless Keyboard - NIZ87-048

Part Number
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
310 mm
133 mm
25 mm
900 g
PC & Mac
Gross Weight
1.3 kg

X87 Capacitive Programmable Tenkeyless Keyboard - NIZ87-048

  Meep  14/03/2023
This is my second NIZ X87 I've bought after my Realforce R2 PFU died (drinks spill). Rather than fork out the $$$ for another RealForce. I decided to give Niz ago after some suggestions recommendations. To be quite honest, this is on par if not better given the key-cap options available.

After using the Niz for a while as my daily driver on my personal machine, I bought another for work, this is honestly a dream to program and game on. There may be a tiny nuance between the feedback, but to be honest, I have noticed and I doubt if you've used neither then you won't either. One thing to note that this is not as heavy as the RealForce, but it is acceptable and feels solid.

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