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USA V80 Tenkeyless Dolch Quiet Click Keyboard


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The KB Paradise V80 is a Tenkeyless keyboard, a standard layout keyboard without a keypad, roughly 80% of the size of a standard keyboard.
The keyboard has Matias Quiet Click switches and doubleshot keycaps, in a Dolch theme, brown and black keycaps with white legends, US layout.
A double shot keycap instead of having it's legend lasered or printed on to it, actually has the legend running through it like a stick of rock so it will never wear away.

£124.99 (£104.16 ex VAT) 

USA V80 Tenkeyless Dolch Quiet Click Keyboard - KBP-V80MTS-Q-DOL

It also has bright white caps lock and scroll lock LED's and comes with a detachable braided USB cable.

USA V80 Tenkeyless Dolch Quiet Click Keyboard - KBP-V80MTS-Q-DOL

KB Paradise
Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Matias Quiet Click
355 mm
138 mm
39 mm
980 g
Gross Weight
1.3 kg

USA V80 Tenkeyless Dolch Quiet Click Keyboard - KBP-V80MTS-Q-DOL

  Anonymous  21/05/2020
Had a lot of trouble with key chatter, RMA'd once but the problem came back so ended up relegating this to a backup keyboard. Today it died completely, which is really disappointing given it wasn't seeing too much use.
  arobert  19/01/2020
The KBParadise TKL is a little less stout than the KUL ES87, making it better looking though a little less solid. Still excellent quality. The Matias Quiet Click switches are amazing though, close to a Topre in many ways, but their own thing. The double-shot keycaps feel solid as well, around halfway between regular ABS and PBT. And the Dolch keycaps look great.
  Rob Anderson  18/01/2018
I love the really old keyboards of the 70s and 80s, and a passing glance at this beaut would leave you thinking that youve got one of those old hunks of metal. Its very solid, heavy, lots of metal. The Matias key switches are gorgeous to use. Now if only you had a copy of Zork....
  Anonymous  19/09/2017
Perfect keyboard for an open-plan office. I prefer a lot of tactility -- I was previously using a Filco keyboard from this site with blue switches and O-rings to reduce the noise. I'd tried the same keyboard with Brown switches, but it was disappointing. The V60 has very nearly the same level of tactile feedback as the Filco keyboard, but without the noise. Very cool :)
  Anonymous  09/03/2017
Purchased a V60 with the same switches a few months ago, had key chatter on two characters, replaced the keys, was alright after that. Then decided to get an 80% and played a lottery, got this one, and, well, I sure was rewarded! With key chatter on four keys. Once fixed (by swapping the chattering keys with the ones which I rarely use, like Pause and Scroll Lock) it's excellent, but I really wish it didn't require whipping out a soldering iron... Rating 5 because this obviously isn't KBP's fault, and rather Matiases, but these switches are a big gamble. A keyboard is supposed to be 100% reliable, you shouldn't ever have to worry about getting double presses or keys not registering sometimes (like Ctrl in my case, which was super infuriating...). No other switch got the same tactile feedback though :(
  walantis  20/02/2020
First of all, I am a very happy with realforce tkl user but I was willing to switch to new key switches.

Unfortunately the keys do not match the topre key feeling in any way. It's of good quality though, very solid etc. but if you're used to topre keyboards it will probably disappoint. I had to send it back and ordered a realforce hipro which again is a different thing from the classic topre keyboards...

Very good customer service at keyboardco with good communication and quick handling of orders.
  ycanales  08/02/2018
Great build quality. Matias Quiet Click switches are heavy enough but not too much to be tiring, the tactile bump is great. Super quiet! (Have tried MX Blues, Browns and Clears before)

The included cable doesn't quite fit through the straight cable channel, the side cable channels (left and right) work well.

Hope they'd included a keycap puller to see the switches and hope they could sell an ISO version.
  Anonymous  26/10/2017
Awesome, I tried some 60% keyboards before, that did not quite cut it. Also I prefer the Matias Quiet Clicks over Gateron Browns(meh) Cherry MX Blues (too loud!).

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