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USA Topre Realforce 104UW Variable Black on Beige Keyboard


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Now available the Topre Realforce 104UW keyboard, in USA layout, is a joy to type on. It incorporates Topre's patented 30 million key life cycle non-contact electrostatic capacitance switches. The switch weight has been adjusted across the width of the keyboard depending on their relative positions and usage (55gm, 45gm & 30gm +- 15gm), to minimize fatigue for users, even after extended use, and are highly durable.

£210.00 (£175.00 ex VAT) 

USA Topre Realforce 104UW Variable Black on Beige Keyboard - XF01T0

The subtle black on beige/grey keycaps with their soft tactile feel and N Key Rollover ensure fast and accurate input.

USA Topre Realforce 104UW Variable Black on Beige Keyboard - XF01T0

Part Number
Cable length
1.6 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
456 mm
169 mm
39 mm
1.5 kg
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
1.79 kg

USA Topre Realforce 104UW Variable Black on Beige Keyboard - XF01T0

  Ant  08/02/2022
Beautiful keyboard.. plus a thrill to type on.. shame this model is discontinued as imo its the best keyboard money can buy
  Jesse  04/11/2019
First of all, before anything else: thank you to the Keyboard Company for your excellent service as always. Even though I am not an UK resident, I make a point of it to order here to support your phenomenal business ethics.

Onto the review of this keyboard. Before this I've always sworn by the FILCO Majestouch, having owned both the first edition and the second edition. Fantastic keyboards as far as I am concerned, and if you are looking for a Cherry MX based board, that's the only option you should consider. I've always typed with MX Blue switches.

This keyboard was a bit of an impulsive purchase for me. I've read about the keyboard before and I know that Topre keyboards are divisive, either you absolutely love them or you think they're overpriced rubber dome keyboards.

I fall in the former camp. I fell in love with this keyboard the moment I got it in my hands. It feels incredibly rigid and well constructed, the plastics have an amazing finish. The case feels almost velvety soft, while keycaps have this kind of rugged finish that makes it hard for your fingers to slip. It feels really nice, and I cannot think of any keyboard that has this kind of fit and finish. Furthermore, the keycaps have dye sublimated lettering, it looks sharp and has a fantastic contrast. If you like retro aesthetics, you will certainly find this keyboard beautiful.

The typing experience is however the real point, and the Realforce 104UW does not disappoint in this regard. Coming from MX Blue switches, it's definitely very different and I wouldn't call it better, nor would I call it worse. It really is in its own category and you cannot compare them directly.

I can say however that I prefer the feeling of the Realforce 104UW. It types very light yet the feedback it gives makes me secure in my keystrokes, I find myself making very few errors and immediately matched my old typing speed. The 'sound' of the keyboard is unique, it has a bit of a 'thock' to it, which is understated yet pleasant.

I initially planned to get this keyboard for use at work, as MX Blues are too loud and drive my coworkers insane. Perhaps the most glowing review I can give it is that I plan to get a second one, so I can use one of these at home and at work without having to take it with me. This keyboard is worth every penny if you like Topre keys. Whether you do or not, depends highly on your personal tastes.

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