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USA New Model M Keyboard Black White/Gray


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The New Model M buckling spring keyboard has the same mechanism, feel and similar layout as the original IBM Model M keyboard, but with a slightly smaller footprint.
With the much-loved buckling spring key design these keyboards have been prized by computer enthusiasts and robust typists because of the tactile and auditory feedback of each keystroke.

£189.00 (£157.50 ex VAT) 

USA New Model M Keyboard Black White/Gray - UT40U4A

Manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky, this buckling spring keyboard is a heavy, audible click keyboard with a solid feel reminiscent of the classic IBM Model M keyboard.

Buckling Springs
Buckling springs originated in IBM's mechanical keyboard as a fundamentally different kind of switch mechanism. Featuring a coil spring that sits between the keycap and a pivoting hammer that collapses when pressed, the spring provides a loud click and tactile feedback.

Model M-Inspired Keycaps
The two-tone white and gray buckling spring keycaps are made of PBT polymer. The dye-sublimated legends compliment the authentic feel and classic design.

USA New Model M Keyboard Black White/Gray - UT40U4A

Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
455 mm
180 mm
50 mm
1.7 kg
Gross Weight
2.8 kg

USA New Model M Keyboard Black White/Gray - UT40U4A

  Marco  20/12/2021
The keyboard is perfect, like writing a real IBM Model M, and indeed this is a Model M as well coming out from the same factory!

The only things that I cannot understand is why they put the right windows key just next to the spacebar, where on all others unicomp keyboards there is the right alt. Sometimes I still click the wrong one.

Other thing that should be improved, is the use of blu leds, personally I prefer green leds, and I think this is for majority of people
  Anonymous  21/06/2021
A truly superb keyboard. Great feedback. The only downside is the right alt positioning. As a polish person, I constantly use it to make special characters and the windows key on the right side of the space makes it a little uncomfortable and it took me a while to get used to it. Otherwise, best keyboard I've ever had.
  Jacco  05/07/2021
Wonderful keyboard, a worthy successor to my trusty Model M. The only thing I would want to add is a USB hub (especially since laptop computers nowadays have fewer and fewer built-in USB ports) and maybe some media keys. It's already as good as the Model M, but those additions would truly elevate it to a world-beater.

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