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USA Keyboard 81 Pro Winter Bonfire QMK Bluetooth Hard Tactile Keyboard with Knob


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Welcome to the Keyboard 81 Pro, the first-ever global product launched by 'OnePlus Featuring' and 'Keychron'. An innovative, co-creation platform for OnePlus and its global community, OnePlus Featuring aspires to deliver innovative and premium technology to empower your digital lifestyle.

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USA Keyboard 81 Pro Winter Bonfire QMK Bluetooth Hard Tactile Keyboard with Knob - OP-81P-T3

Stand up to stand out.
The keyboard holder elevates the keyboard's potential to overcome the chaos on every desk - to restore order. It enables the keyboard to stand up on its back out of the way.

ESC key and rotary dial
With the OnePlus Red ESC key design and the rotary dial, we invite users to amplify their workflow with Keyboard 81 Pro. We believe personalization is power, customize every rotary dial function to fit your creative flow.

Wireless and Wired
An excellent solution for multitasking. You can connect the keyboard with up to 3 devices wirelessly via its stable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 for seamless multitasking across your laptop, phone, and tablet. Switch among them swiftly, and its fully compatible with both Mac and Windows. A reliable USB Type-C wired connection is also available when you need it.

A Refined Piece Of Metal Art
The entire metal body is crafted with 6063 aluminum that is processed through CNC machined, polished, anodized, sandblasted, and undergoes 24 more manufacturing stages to make this solid metal piece of art that is the Keyboard 81 Pro.

This product fully supports advanced, customizable features including hot-swappable switches and flexible, open-source firmware.
Hot-swappable functionality allows for fast and smooth changes of switches for unique personalization.

Program the Keyboard 81 Pro with QMK & VIA.
Endless possibilities for a fluid workflow thanks to its ability to remap any key, and create macro commands, shortcuts, or key combinations through the QMK/VIA.
From comfort, versatility to functionality, Keyboard 81 Pro is engineered to empower your digital lifestyle.

Easy Assemble
We designed every component to be able to assemble easily so you can customize and adjust each component with ease to create your ultimate typing experience.

Double-Gasket Design
The Double Gasket Design is a new innovative structure in the industry. In addition to the gaskets on the plates, we added silicone pads between the top and bottom cases to significantly reduce the sound resonance between the metals and reduce the noise of the impacted metals.
Experience the next level of key sounds and comfort with our gasket mount design together with a flexible PC (Polycarbonate) plate. This design combination allows the keyboard to maintain the flexibility of the gasket structure and improves the overall typing sound.

An Epic Core Inside The Keyboard
A powerful ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 32-bit STM32L432 chip (MCU) equipped with 128K Flash will provide more flexibility for developers. The polling rate is 1000 Hz right out of the box on type-c wired mode (90 Hz on wireless mode), which makes the latency hardly noticeable even in competitive games.

Marble-mallow Keycap, The First Bouncy but Durable Keycap
In an industry-first, the mechanical keyboard incorporates new materials to transform the experience.
With Marble-mallow keycap material, gaming and typing performance have evolved. Typically adopted in tactile-optimized products, such as wristbands and charging cables, the Marble-mallow rewrites the rules for keyboards.
From the first press, experience flawlessly smooth typing paired with a superior tactile response designed to last.
Featuring extending keystroke lifespan, enhanced wear resistance and upgraded tactile feedback, this mechanical keyboard was born to meet the demands of every challenge. Typing has never been faster or smoother.

Mechanical Switches
Introducing the first and only switches co-created by OnePlus, OnePlus' users, and Keychron.

Winter Bonfire, Keyboard 81 Pro PCB switches

  • Operating force: 57 8gf
  • Pre-Travel: 2.2 0.4mm
  • Travel distance: 3.3 0.2mm
  • Behavior: Tactile bump at the top
  • Pre-Lubed: Yes
  • Sound Level: Gentle
  • Peg Colour: Red (does not conform to normal colour/feel schemes)
The dedicated mechanical switches are designed to meet the complex needs of discerning users. Discover a precise linear click and optimized tactile experience engineered for the most intense, demanding scenarios. The tactile peak point is 0.5mm with a stronger rebounding force, the larger tactile drop delivers a more solid typing experience.

PCB Stabilizers
No detail is too insignificant when it comes to your fingertip feel. Weve integrated the PCB-mounted screw-in stabilizers for a smoother typing experience with less wobbliness on the big keys such as the space bar, shift, enter, and delete keys. You can even customize your favorite stabilizers on your own.


Keyboard Kit (Fully Assembled Keyboard) including

  • 1 x Aluminum Case
  • 1 x PCB
  • 1 x PC Plate
  • 1 x Sound Absorbing Foam
  • 1 x Case Foam
  • 14 x Gaskets (10 Installed and 4 in the Box)
  • 4 Sets of Stablizers
  • 1 Set of Keycaps (Double-Shot)
  • 1 Set of Switches


  • 1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 1 x USB-A to USB-C Adapter


  • 1 x Switch and Keycap Puller
  • 1 x Allen Key


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USA Keyboard 81 Pro Winter Bonfire QMK Bluetooth Hard Tactile Keyboard with Knob - OP-81P-T3

Part Number
Cable length
1.36 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Winter Bonfire
328 mm
145 mm
36 mm
1.8 kg
Mac and PC
Gross Weight
2.4 kg

USA Keyboard 81 Pro Winter Bonfire QMK Bluetooth Hard Tactile Keyboard with Knob - OP-81P-T3

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