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USA ergo pro programmable Ergonomic Mac Keyboard


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A better ergonomic keyboard - Now programmable.
We've refreshed our top-of-the-line ergonomic keyboard...

It still has all the great features of the original Ergo Pro - tactile feedback, greater comfort, faster typing speeds, and quiet operation - but now it's also programmable.

Programmability lets you trigger a keyboard shortcut or type a string of text, with just a single keystroke.

£220.00 (£183.33 ex VAT) 

USA ergo pro programmable Ergonomic Mac Keyboard - FK403Q-P-US

This can be a real lifesaver for reducing wear & tear on your hands and wrists...

Awkward or difficult-to-remember keyboard shortcuts become fast & easy via programmed macro keys.

Boilerplate text that you type repeatedly throughout the day (up to 60 characters) can be done with one key press.

Programmable keys for... Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste (and more)
Dedicated hotkeys for the 4 most important keyboard shortcuts - undo, cut, copy, and paste - are already pre-programmed to work right out of the box.

Re-programming them is easy, and doesn't require any special software.

The 12 function keys, the side hotkeys, the split spacebars, and a few other keys, are all programmable.

Spacious gel palm supports with fold-out legs for tilting & tenting.
The gel palm supports are thick and comfortable, with folding legs that let you configure the keyboard (according to your preference) in either a tented position, tilted downward (negatively), or flat.

They can even be removed, if your desk already has palm supports built-in.

Configured to a 9° tenting angle...
Shown above and below, this is the most ergonomic configuration, with your wrists in a neutral position, rotated slightly.

The 4 centre legs are extended, with the 2 outside legs folded in.

Configured for 4.5° of negative tilt...
For the negative tilt configuration, unfold only the front legs of the palm supports.

This configuration is popular with people who find tenting too strange or difficult to adjust to.

Negative tilt offers significant ergonomic benefits, in a way that's closer to a traditional keyboard layout.

Some users start with this configuration initially (as a stepping stone) and then gradually transition to tenting.

Configured flat...
For a perfectly flat configuration, simply fold in all the legs.

This configuration may be useful if your desk or keyboard tray has its own angle adjustment already.

The best switches.
To put it bluntly, most ergonomic keyboards 'cheap out' on their keyswitches. They use rubber, instead of metal. Compromising here can ruin an otherwise good keyboard.

We’ve used the BEST keyswitches for typing... Matias Quiet Click mechanical switches.

Their ALPS-inspired design delivers generous amounts of tactile feedback, while providing enough resistance to support the weight of your hands - exactly what you need for fast, comfortable typing.

Plus, unlike every other mechanical switch, they are quiet enough to use in office environments. You don’t need to worry about disturbing your co-workers.

A better navigation cluster.
Navigation keys have always been a big problem for ergonomic keyboards.

If you follow the standard, the keyboard is too wide.

If you don’t follow the standard, there’s a long learning curve, and users are stuck having to suffer with an awkward, unfamiliar layout.

We’ve designed a truly new and better navigation cluster - one that’s much closer to standard AND more ergonomic...

We’ve arranged the navigation keys in their traditional pattern, but we laid them out horizontally, and then positioned them along the bottom row, more like a laptop keyboard.

It works beautifully, and the adjustment time is virtually zero. Try it once, and you’ll never want to go back.

Narrower, so that using a mouse is more comfortable.
Thanks to our unique navigation cluster, the Ergo Pro is not as wide as other ergonomic keyboards. It’s not much wider than a laptop keyboard.

This makes it much more comfortable to use with a mouse. Since you’re not reaching as far for it, your elbow doesn’t need to flare out at an awkward angle.

3 additional USB 2.0 ports.
Some keyboards have 2 USB ports - most have none. We’re giving you three! You can plug in your mouse, flash drives, digital cameras, and more.

2-year warranty.
We've extended the warranty to 2 years. If you have any problems, please contact us - you're in good hands.

Everything is in the box.
We’ve included everything you need in the box. There’s nothing extra to buy. You are all ready to go.

BUT if you did want to add a spot of color, we have replacement palm supports available in 4 gorgeous colors.

Extra cables are also included.
We know that everyone has their own unique desk setup, so we've included extra cables to better accommodate your particular situation...

Desktop computer users always need longer cables; Laptop users prefer shorter ones - so, we include both long and short USB cables, 6.5‑ft (2m) and 3.3‑ft (1m) respectively.

We also include 2 Bridge Cables, for connecting the left & right sides of the keyboard together...

The short Bridge Cable is enough to accommodate most users. A longer, retractable Bridge Cable can be used to separate the sides wider apart.

For users who wish to mount the keyboard to their chair, an extra-long Bridge Cable is available for purchase. Please contact us, if you have questions about this.

Laser etched keys.
All those symbols are handy, but what happens when they wear off? They won’t. They’re laser etched - burned into the keys with a laser - so they’ll never wear off.

Sculpted keytops.
keycap photoThe latest trend in keyboards is to have very flat & wide keys, with little or no space between them. You see this a lot on laptops and netbooks. While they look great, they can also be a little tricky to type on. The flatness makes it very easy to slide out of home row and lose your bearings.

The Ergo Pro bucks this trend. It has traditional sculpted keytops, curved to fit your fingertips, and keep you from sliding out of home position.

Audio & media controls.
By holding down the Fn key, you gain access to strategically placed keyboard shortcuts for Volume Up / Down, Mute, Pause / Play, Next Track, and Previous Track.

Ghosts busted.
Most keyboards allow only a few keys to be pressed at once, so they can’t keep up with very fast typists. The result is called ghosting - letters missing from what you actually typed, or additional letters that you didn’t type.

The Ergo Pro has special Anti-Ghosting Circuitry (also called n-key rollover) to eliminate these problems. You can type as fast as you’re able; the Ergo Pro will keep up.

Includes USB-C adaptor

USA ergo pro programmable Ergonomic Mac Keyboard - FK403Q-P-US

Part Number
Cable length
2 Metre & 60cm bridge cable
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Matias Quiet Click
368 mm
165 mm
35 mm
1.7 kg
Gross Weight
2.3 kg

USA ergo pro programmable Ergonomic Mac Keyboard - FK403Q-P-US

  Anonymous  28/03/2022
I bought this for my RSI and what can I say? It's made a huge different almost over-night. It's so comfortable with the padded wristrests and the sculpted 9 degree keyboard. The switches have a very satisfying tactile feel too. Better than the gateron brown switches I had in my previous keyboard. The build quality is great, it really is built like a tank and it's completely sturdy under the weight of my wrists.

The programmable keys are very useful too. i have the left spacebar mapped to the backspace key so I don't have to reach as far to delete. If you have an RSI from rotating your wrist too much I really can't recommend this highly enough. That and the logitech MX Vertical have made it almost go away.

I also had a problem when it first arrived, one of the stabalisers had come lose in transit. I contacted the company and they responded the next day and helped me through repairing it myself which was surprisingly easy. Excellent customer service and it meant I didn't even need to return it for repairs or anything (which I would have been loath to do as it has made a massive improvement to my wrist pain)

On the downside, it might take you a while to get used to the layout, I had the unfortunate habit of using my right hand to press the b button which I gather is quite common. It took me a while to get used to that but it's a lot better now. But I am a proficient touch typer and I would say you would have to be to daily drive this keyboard.

Also, I only wish that it was bluetooth. I really don't like having a cluster of wires on my desk and it takes up another usb slot which it doesn't need to. For 220 quid, you'd think it could be done, no?

Lastly is would be nice if it was hotswappable so I could change the switches out whenever but it's not a huge deal, the alps switches really are very good.

TLDR: It's a must for anyone with an RSI.

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