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UK VA88M Moonlight PBT Backlit MX Brown Tactile Keyboard



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The VA88M Moonlight is a high quality, tenkeyless, mechanical, PC keyboard by Varmilo it has a charcoal case, black Iron base plate, white backlighting and the keys are dark and light grey with three cyan keys. The legends are black and dye-sublimated onto the PBT keycaps in a UK ISO layout, and it connects via a black detachable USB cable.

The keyboard has Cherry MX Tactile (Brown) switches.

£150.00 (£125.00 ex VAT) 

UK VA88M Moonlight PBT Backlit MX Brown Tactile Keyboard - VA88MN2W/LLPN21

  • Detachable cable
  • High durability PBT keycaps
  • Dye-sublimated legends
  • Multi layered PCB
  • Wave soldered
  • NKRO
  • Win key lock function
  • 5 Sturdy rubber pads and 2 rubber feet
Contains: Keyboard, Detachable cable, Velcro cable tie.

UK VA88M Moonlight PBT Backlit MX Brown Tactile Keyboard - VA88MN2W/LLPN21

Part Number
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
354 mm
131 mm
33 mm
950 g
Gross Weight
1.83 kg

UK VA88M Moonlight PBT Backlit MX Brown Tactile Keyboard - VA88MN2W/LLPN21

  Kerrin  24/09/2021
I accidentally sent my review of this keyboard in with 0 stars when I was meant to put 5. is it possible to correct this? if not you can delete the previous review
  Anonymous  25/05/2021
This was my first real mechanical keyboard (and also with brown switches) after years of using gaming keyboards from mainstream brands, I decided to take the plunge after going back and forth for a while and seeing that it had come back in stock.

The keyboard is heavy (a good weight), sturdy and solidly built, and blows any of the previous keyboards out of the water. The feet grip well and don't slip, and the keys are just a dream to type on - they have a nice texture to them and don't feel too tackyrough. I had some stiffness in the fingers from heavy use of my previous keyboard, which required more force, but I'm already noticing a significant improvement with this one - I'm able to type much faster as well.

I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for a beautiful, high-quality mechanical keyboard, I was hesitant to spend that much at first but it's been worth every penny!
  Andy  23/11/2020
Great keyboard, heavy and is very high quality. Comes with alternative capslock and scroll lock keys and a key puller.

Only slight problem is when not using the legs to angle the keyboard mine doesn't lie completely flat, so there is a very slight annoying wobble from one corner when typing. Possibly the way the cable is routing but dropping a star for that. Hopefully can get to the bottom of why that's happening.
  Stefan  11/02/2020
This is a fantastic keyboard. The brown switches feel great, and the whole build is of high quality. The keyboard stays firmly in place thanks to the weight and rubber feet. The keys have a nice and very subtle textured feel. There is some backlighting that can be switched on, either at a variable constant light, or slowly pulsating, but I've not used that feature too much personally. I've used this keyboard both for programming and gaming, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a high quality mechanical keyboard that is prebuilt and ready to use.
  Mark  08/09/2021
I had to wait a few weeks for this keyboard to come back in stock, but it was absolutely worth the wait.

The keyboard is a nice solid build and weight with good grip, it never slips. Unlike my previous keyboard which was full size.

I use it for programming and the typing experience is very smooth. In just over a month of use, I have zero complaints and would definitely recommend.

  Isaac  06/03/2021
I've been using this keyboard for some time now. The build quality is great, sturdy, and heavy; the board stays in place and doesn't slide. The keycaps have a pleasant textured feel and don't wobble as much as those on other keyboards (Ducky).

The backlighting is a nice touch, a subtle white which can be static at multiple brightness levels or a breathing effect. However, I prefer the backlighting turned off.

I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a high-quality mechanical keyboard.
  Rob  16/12/2020
Excellent keyboard, the cherry browns are a dream to use as always.

Zero to no movement on the keycaps which i wish i could say the same about my Ducky keyboard. On the lookout for the Panda set now which seems hard to get.
  Andy  30/06/2020
High quality keyboard with great feeling brown switches, quick delivery and would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a solid pre-built keyboard.

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