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UK VA88M CMYK PBT Backlit MX Red Soft Linear Keyboard



The VA88M CMYK is a high quality, tenkeyless, mechanical, PC keyboard by Varmilo it has a charcoal case, black base plate, white backlighting and white and grey keycaps and a selection of CMYK colour modifier keys as pictured. The legends are black and dye-sublimated onto the PBT keycaps in a UK ISO layout, and it connects via a black detachable USB cable.

The keyboard has Cherry MX Soft Linear (Red) switches.

UK VA88M CMYK PBT Backlit MX Red Soft Linear Keyboard - VA88MR2W/LLK121

  • Detachable cable
  • High durability PBT keycaps
  • Dye-sublimated legends
  • Multi layered PCB
  • Wave soldered
  • NKRO
  • Win key lock function
  • 5 Sturdy rubber pads and 2 rubber feet
Contains: Keyboard, Detachable cable, Velcro cable tie, Additional keycaps and keypuller.

UK VA88M CMYK PBT Backlit MX Red Soft Linear Keyboard - VA88MR2W/LLK121

Part Number
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
354 mm
131 mm
33 mm
950 g
Gross Weight
1.83 kg

UK VA88M CMYK PBT Backlit MX Red Soft Linear Keyboard - VA88MR2W/LLK121

  Fan  22/07/2021
I got my keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches. Having previously used Cherry MX Browns, the Reds are more quiet and require less force but still have adequate tactile feedback, so overall an improvement for home working.

As many others have said, I'm happy with the way my first ever purchase from Keyboardco went. 10/10 for customer service.

The keyboard as pictured looks good -- I like the understated design, and I'm generally happy with it, except for the following caveats (I decided to keep the keyboard anyway):

* The keyboard is backlit, but the keycaps shipped are opaque, so the backlight doesn't shine through the top, and you cannot see what the keys are, you just get a general illumination around the keys mostly at the bases. Perhaps my fault for not noticing that the keycap print is Die Sublimated, rather than translucent plastic or something... . I hope I can buy translucent keycaps at some point in the future.

* There are no indicator LEDs for Caps Lock (on my TKL keyboard). This is easily fixed with software that can show you an on-screen indication though.

* The most insignificant of them: the USB cord is a USB Mini-B plug... I was really hoping to get a USB-C cable for a keyboard I bought in 2021... but again, I don't expect to be swapping cables often, so this is not a problem.
  John  03/03/2021
Gorgeous keyboard and feels great to use. As an added bonus keyboardco service is exceptional.
  Ken  05/12/2020
Excellent product - the typing is effortless, and I like the simple aesthetics of the keyboard. The keyboard also has some weight to it, which gives it a sense of solidness, and not so plasticky
  Ryadh  27/11/2020
Varmilo v88m CMYK tkl keyboard is a perfect keyboard choice for me. The silent cherry mx red keys are a joy to type with. The case is made of plastic but it has a metallic appearance with a bit of sparkle, which makes it look like dark metallic gray and there's a slight texture to the surface. The keys are made out of PBT plastic with dye sublimation printing which is resistant to fading over time. The LEDs backlighting are also tastefully done and all options are controllable from the keyboard itself, without the need for any software based lighting control. It also has the option of completely turning off the lighting. This keyboard also comes with extra keycaps, a keycap puller and a dust cover.
This is a beautiful keyboard with a subtle minimalist look and no unnecessary branding on the surface. Only branding details are on the back of the keyboard.
I received excellent customer care from Keyboard Co. they went above and beyond to satisfy my needs. This was really important because varmilo offers many different variations on the same model of the keyboard, and I made few mistakes when placing my order through Keyboard Co's online shop. However Keyboard Co was really helpful in rectifying my mistake and arranged a speedy delivery. In my opinion Keyboard Co earned all five stars and more through their genuine customer care, helpful and friendly attitude. Thank you Keyboard Co for such an excellent service.
  Gary  06/08/2019
I'll keep it brief as you've no doubt done your own research on this board, its great! I got red switches in mine, ideally I was going to go for silent reds but compared to my old browns this is a treat and a dream to type/game on. What I would really like to touch on is the customer service here which was great. My address was incorrect due to a fault on my end and Helen sorted the issue out immediately and confirmed that my address had been changed. There was no faffing around when calling and was put through to a human opposed to a switch board. P&P was prompt and in one piece, everything was perfect. Would absolutely buy from again in the future!
  Matthew  04/03/2021
The key board looks and feels excellent - I would thoroughly recommend it. Be aware it does have a reasonably loud 'ping' to it, which although is to be expected of a mechanical keyboard, is quite noticable.
  Faheem  04/03/2021
This is by far the best keyboard I have ever owned. I watched plenty of videos of this keyboard, hearing the sounds of it, and when it arrived in the post, I was super surprised by the sound of each button pressed. I don't know if this is factory lubed, but it sounds amazing, sounds like its a custom made keyboard. The red switches feel so smooth, having coming from Cherry MX Brown. I was unsure if these switches would be loud, as i was more interested in Silent Reds, but these are quiet but still provides a distinctive mechanical sound. Also, the stabilisers in the space bar is fantastic!

However, the true hero to al of this is Keyboardco! I have never heard of them before, and in fact i was quite sceptical, but they exceeded by expectation. They provide clear and concise updates via email, and importantly they ship straightaway. I ordered this keyboard on Monday, delivered Thursday. This is incredibly impressive considering the high demand for Varmilo. Keep up the great work, and if anyone reads this and they're unsure, don't be, an amazing company that specialises in enthusiast keyboards. 100% would buy from them again!
  Liam  03/03/2021
Great product and even better customer service, would recommend this company to everyone A++
  Adam  19/06/2020
I had been looking to get a mechanical keyboard for a while but hadn't considered the Varmilo brand until I read a review of a similar keyboard.

The board itself is rock solid and well made. Since Varmilo pre-lube the stabilisers in the factory, there's not a rattle anywhere! The Cherry MX Reds feel so nice to type on, I appreciate the light touch and it let's me code all day long with no issues.

Another plus are the dye-sublimated PBT keycaps. They have a nice matte texture to them and a crisp but thocky sound when bottoming out. The only keys I needed o-ring dampeners on were spacebar and backspace.

A very good buy from The Keyboard Co if you want a pre-built mech board that's very well made and doesn't have the typical gamer trappings. I received my order 2 days earlier than expected! Now that's service.
  Cameron  17/02/2020
Happy with the product. No issues!
  Dan  23/09/2019
Awesome Product. Great service.

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