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UK New Model M Keyboard Black Gray


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The New Model M buckling spring keyboard has the same mechanism, feel and similar layout as the original IBM Model M keyboard, but with a slightly smaller footprint.
With the much-loved buckling spring key design these keyboards have been prized by computer enthusiasts and robust typists because of the tactile and auditory feedback of each keystroke.

£189.00 (£157.50 ex VAT) 

UK New Model M Keyboard Black Gray - UB43UHA

Manufactured in Lexington, Kentucky, this buckling spring keyboard is a heavy, audible click keyboard with a solid feel reminiscent of the classic IBM Model M keyboard.

Buckling Springs
Buckling springs originated in IBM's mechanical keyboard as a fundamentally different kind of switch mechanism. Featuring a coil spring that sits between the keycap and a pivoting hammer that collapses when pressed, the spring provides a loud click and tactile feedback.

Model M-Inspired Keycaps
The gray buckling spring keycaps are made of PBT polymer. The dye-sublimated legends compliment the authentic feel and classic design.

UK New Model M Keyboard Black Gray - UB43UHA

Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
455 mm
180 mm
50 mm
1.7 kg
Gross Weight
2.8 kg

UK New Model M Keyboard Black Gray - UB43UHA

  Chris  14/11/2022
I have tested a significant amount of keyboards. I bought a lot of the other brands including TypeMatrix 2020 and 2030, as well as having different Razor keyboards (one of every kind with the different Cherry MX switch colours), as well as for a long time being a huge fan of Apple Mac keyboards so have spent a ridiculous amount on their aluminium USB keyboards..

So my work is as a Web Software Developer, and I am a gamer. These both have different requirements. However I find almost every keyboard out there will break easily when dropped.

I have tried the drop test on this keyboard, and apart from being incredibly durable, it has been designed to avoid the risk of impact from the floor being on a single key. This is the point of failure for almost all of the Razor keyboards.

I am so lucky to have found this site and will be a lifelong customer. The customer service is second to none. I am made up with my tough, rugged keyboard.
  Peter C  15/02/2022
I got this keyboard a couple of weeks ago to replace a Unicomp Ultra Classic IBM Style Keyboard (also bought from The Keyboard Company) which had given eight years of excellent service. Had to replace the Ultra Classic because three keys started giving problems and tech stuff with a keyboard is just not worth the hassle as far as I am concerned.

At first I had some misgivings to ordering this Unicomp New Model M Keyboard. Would it be at least as good as my old Unicomp Ultra Classic? The short answer to that is, yes; the New Model M is better than the old Ultra Classic. The case construction is more solid and a fair improvement on the Ultra Classic of which the case was creaky in some places. This new case adds to the weight of the New Model M, it is noticeably heavier than the Ultra Classic and overall feels much more robust.

I know that in the most recent incarnations of the Ultra Classic that Unicomp had removed a feature that the earlier models of the Ultra Classic did have (I had an earlier model Ultra Classic). The feature was that on system bootup the old model Ultra Classics would have the Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs momentarily light up during the BIOS POST tests and the same thing would happen on the Windows 7 boot-in process. As said this feature was removed in later model Ultra Classic keyboards. I did think this was a significant loss and contacted Unicomp to mention this. Well it seems that for the New Model M Unicomp must have listened to my gripe and they have for the New Model M put that feature back; the LEDs light up momentarily on boot up and so the user gets visual feedback that the BIOS POST and Windows did find the keyboard. If they don't momentarily light up then you have an indication that BIOS POST or Windows failed to find the keyboard which is useful information to have as the computer boots up. Excellent! Full marks to Unicomp for restoring this feature!

As to the tactile and audible feedback on using the New Model M keyboard, it is every bit as good as the Ultra Classic. I have tried many keyboards, including several types of Cherry switches and none of them come even close to the tactile feedback and clickety-clack auditory feedback you get while typing on a Unicomp keyboard. The feedback has to be experienced to get any idea of just how good it is.

In all I would very much recommend the Unicomp New Model M Keyboard, it is a good successor to the Ultra Classic. Try one, I very much doubt you would be disappointed. Once you get hooked on the Unicomp you won't ever want to be without one.
  Chris  21/12/2021
During the pandemic I've been using a Filco keyboard that I previously purchased from Keyboard Co. The Filco is a great keyboard but without the same depth of key travel as the Unicomp I was using in the office, so I decided to buy a new Model M.

It has the same depth of keypress as my older Model M, but it looks like Unicomp have renewed their tooling as the overall construction is much better. The only downside (at least for others in the vicinity) is the clatter of the keys, but as the person typing on the keyboard I find it very satisfying to have the audible feedback on each keypress.

Service from Keyboard Co was excellent as usual (this is my third purchase of a mechanical keyboard from them).
  barteczek  08/12/2021
To put it simply, the best typing experience I have ever experienced.
  Tom Tom  24/11/2021
Wow this keyboard is amazing, now I can't comment on how it is compared to an original IBM model M but I can say it is leaps and bounds ahead of any keyboard I have ever used it has this really crisp tactile bump with a perfect weighting then following by a really smooth bottom out and a satisfying ping sound. The sound is also amazing really clacky and full sounding. Truly amazing and the black and grey key caps is just the cherry on top nice thick dye sub PBT key caps of superb quality. And the keyboard company was great on delivery literally next day :) overall 10/10 experience absolutely recommend.
  Alisdair  29/03/2021
Having been using an original 'Model M' (from 1996) for many years, I took the plunge with a 'New Model M' after the old one finally succumbed to wear and tear (March 2021). It is probably repairable, but in the meantime I have work to do.

For all it's slight differences the 'new' 'Model M' is pretty much just like the 'old' 'Model M' as a typing experience and quality of construction, so I am a happy bunny.

Added to that 'The Keyboard Company' were very helpful with my somewhat chaotic order, and prompt with delivery.

Overall a very positive experience. Thank you.
  The Keyboard Noob  06/01/2021
Well first of all I have to say excellent service from Keyboard Co, my order was posted next day and arrived in perfect condition, on time, Good job!

I've never used a buckling spring keyboard in my life and the original IMB models are fairly expensive so i can't say how it compares to those, however upon inspecting countless videos on the IBM Model M and other Unicomp models i can say that this one is certainly the best out of the range and seems to be nearly on par with the IBM Model.

It has excellent feedback from the springsSwitches and is leaps and bounds better than any mechanical switch I've used, the mechanical keyboard i use is a Ducky TKL with Cherry MX Blue switches and comparing the two together i would say that the Blues aren't even tactile, they feel like a red switch compared to the buckling springs which exhibit a smooth starting actuation with a slight stiffness and satisfying click at the end which is very noticeable unlike Cherry Blues in my opinion.

The build quality is fantastic, i noticed other reviews on YouTube showing the Ultra Classic Model from Unicomp which had a very flexible creaky frame and wobbly key caps, This one has none of that. The frame is very rigid and i can't even flex it at all due to the thick back-plate which also weights quite a lot, the plastic seems to be slightly thicker but not by much I'd say.

The PBT key caps are very nice and have a smoothness on the sides like ABS plastic with the tops feeling like smooth ceramic. They do move around very slightly, only when the whole key is grabbed and rotated to the left, no other directions seem to move the key at all.

The only parts that let the board down really are the feetheight adjustment. They don't keep the keyboard from moving at all, the slightest movement will push the keyboard around, though due to the weight if using a float-typing method it isn't a problem at all.

The height adjustment is essentially one piece of plastic which almost feels like it doesn't fit correctly in its slot, it flops around easily and doesn't snap into place like most modern keyboard, once the keyboard is placed down they do sit fairly well and don't collapse.

All in all this is the perfect keyboard and touch typing for me is night and day compared to other Mechanical Switch keyboards, i can't say about long term durability, mostly the electronics but as for the rest I'd say it's as tough a keyboard as you'd ever want.

Go buy it! :)

  Graham  13/08/2022
Many thanks to Keyboard Co. They were kind enough to resolve a small issue with the keyboard without question. This company cares about its customers, and I'm very happy with the purchase.

This is probably the loudest keyboard in existence but, if you want an authentic 'clicky' keyboard, this is it.
  Neap  03/08/2022
I've been using mechanical keyboards for quite a few years and have had the pleasure of trying many different keyboards and switches, but I've never managed to get my fingers on a Model M as much as I have tried. I can't compare this keyboard to an Original Model M unfortunately. By all accounts they are rather similar so I decided to finally get my hands on one.

One thing to note is that this keyboard is loud, real loud. Not exactly a problem on its own but it's something to be aware of before you become the bane of everyone in the office. Another thing is just quite how big this keyboard is, I'm sure anyone that has used an older keyboard will probably know and be used to it but this keyboard is substantially bigger than any modern keyboard.

As for the typing, there really is nothing else like buckle springs, they offer a unique typing experience with great feedback and a really nice amount of weight needed. The keys have a wonderful tactile feedback where you can really feel the switches and the exact moment the key is fully pressed.

As for The Keyboard Company, they were fantastic. Order was delivered the very next day with helpful correspondence throughout as well as a small note in the order with some tips for using maintaining Buckle Spring switches.
  Johnny  04/02/2022
I got into mechanical keyboards with a Ducky Shine, with Cherry MX Browns.

I like that keyboard very much, but unfortunately it is not a durable product. After about 2 years of very extensive daily use, one of the keycaps broke. The (,) comma keycap.

While sourcing keycaps is a possibility, it is a big hassle.

I wanted Keyboard for work that is massive, strong, has great mechanics, and most importantly, durable.

I read that many original IBM Keyboard Model M users who bought their keyboards in the 80-s and 90-s , are still using them today.

I did consider buying an original Model M on Ebay and similar sites, but:
1: Either it was very expensive to import and ship
2: It was not in a good condition or it was missing the cable.
3: It was too expensive for what I thought I was worth.

I did have the opportunity to try an original model M with heavy modifications. Bolt modscrew mod, and dampening mods along with a modified control logic board ( basically Bluetooth + USB compatible along with an internal battery for wireless operation ).

Unfortunately, the custom control logic board did not click with my preferences.
The keyboard was physically great, the typing felt very sluggish.

I decided to give the UNICOMP New Model M a try.
I have had the keyboard for a couple of days now, and it does live up to my expectations.

For those who are thinking about an old model M and a new model M, here are my experiences.

1: The typing experience is similar. The older model M s require slightly less force, but this is not surprising, since they are old and got broken in a bit.

2: Without the dampening mod, the new model M is LOUD. High pitched kind of loud if I had to compare to the older one. It does not personally bother me, but it may bother others. Consider that if you are thinking about a purchase.

Things that I miss from my Ducky compared to the new model M.

1: Detachable Cable. I think this would be a great addition to this keyboard.
The original model M keyboards in the 80s came with detachable cables as well.
While I personally have not broken too many keyboard cables in my PC career ( think it was the cable of 2 keyboards like out of 10 ), I would appreciate if it would become a feature. One size length of the cable does not fit all.

Things I miss compared to the old Model M:

1: Serviceability

Although I have not taken this keyboard apart, I did hear it is not nearly as serviceable as the old model M s. I think it would make sense to make the keyboard more serviceable friendly in the future. People want durable keyboards. If it gets broken after warranty, people should be able to repair them. If you are paying premium for a keyboard, you should be able to fix it yourself should it have problems down the road.
  donald_i  23/11/2021
Let's get out of the way first what this keyboard *doesn't* have. No backlight. No USB ports. No wireless capability.

If any of that is important to you then you need to look at another model. However, what this keyboard *does* have is that wonderful buckling switch mechanism. If you like typing with it, then nothing else is quite the same. (Ok, it is quite noisy, so if you are in a shared office then you may need to check your co-workers tolerance for clicky typing. Thanks to COVID, it's homeworking all the way for me though.) Bottom line: if you do any sort of sustained typing then you should try this keyboard. Not everybody loves them by any means, but those that do find it hard to use anything else. The speed, accuracy and sheer tactile precision and bounce you get are just great.

Other than that, keyboard is quite bulky, as you'd expect, with heavy, solid black plastic surrounding the light-grey keys. The only slight quibble is that the USB cable is wired into the keyboard, so perhaps it might in the future be a weak spot. We shall see.

KeyboardCo were impeccable to deal with. Quick dispatch and good customer service.

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