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UK Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard for Mac Silver


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The 'Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard for Mac - Silver' is for people who miss Apple's wired USB keyboard, but also prefer not having a number pad. Many people still like the reliability of a traditional USB 2.0 connection, with a two port USB 2.0 hub, and classic aluminum frame and white keycaps. This keyboard by Matias is just as beautiful as the Apple one was, and has all the special Mac functionality you expect on the function keys.

£62.48 (£52.07 ex VAT) 

UK Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard for Mac Silver - FK308S-UK

The keyboard has one special function that improves upon the original Apple keyboard ... there is a volume control dial on the top edge of the keyboard that gives you more precision in controlling volume than using the keys; however, if you are a traditionalist, you can still control volume with keys on the Matias keyboard, just like the Apple one.

UK Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard for Mac Silver - FK308S-UK

Part Number
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
357 mm
116 mm
19 mm
500 g
Gross Weight
700 g

UK Matias Wired Aluminum Tenkeyless Keyboard for Mac Silver - FK308S-UK

  Adrian  07/03/2022
This keyboard is not great. Sadly my old Apple wired keyboard was totally worn out and had to be replaced, and I really like the idea of tenkeyless for mouse ergonomics, but this keyboard is just not good.

The first and main problem with this keyboard is that it doesn't debounce very well (or something along those lines). When I'm typing fast I often get doubled-up characters. I never had that problem on the Apple wired keyboard (or any other Apple keyboard, or any other name-brand keyboard to be honesst). I've turned the key-repeat rate right down and it's better, but every now and theen I still get a duplicaate charatcer (as you can see!). I typed that last sentence at full speed to make the problem appear, I have to slow down to about 60wpm and the problem mostly goes away. To be honest, this issue alone probably makes this keyboard a total waste of money for me.

Apart from the debounceduplicate characters, the keyboard is sort of ok. It is nowhere near the quality of the Apple keyboard -- the keys are plasticy and rattle as you type, and have a tiny amount of play iin them. The keys on the Apple keyboard felt solid and the action was incredibly smooth, there was no play at all with fingers just resting on the keys.

The USB ports are one of the main reasons I chose this keyboard, because I found them incredibly useful on the old Apple keybard. The USB ports are ok, but my PKI token doesn't fit as well as did on the Apple keyboard (probably a tiny bit less clearance) and they're also angled slightly down which is annoying (probably just sloppy manufacturing tollerances). Again, it's ok, but it's a shame that there's just not as much attention to deetail as the Apple keyboard.

I was going to give this 35 stars when I started the review, but as I wrote more and more I had to mark it down as I realised that it really isn't that good, and because it keeps typiing duplicate characters, even at slower speeds (though it's hard to actually slow yourself down once you're in the flow), it has to be marked down again to 1 star. The only thing I will mention is that I'm usinng this on an HP laptop, not Apple, but it's standard USB so I don't think that makes any difference at all.

The tenkeyless form factor is nice. Shame about everything else.
  Andrew  26/01/2022
Having been sick to death of my Mac Mini's Wi-Fi/Bluetooth clashes, this wired keyboard has saved my sanity - it has a great feel and I'm really pleased. The only minor gripe for me is the Fn key moving from bottom left on my other small keyboards over to the right.
  Graham  17/11/2020
Nice keyboard, the USB ports and volume wheel are lovely touches, but the keyboard itself is the main attraction here. A very positive tactile typing experience. If you've come from a compact magic keyboard the spacing of the cursor keys and the pipe may throw you for the first five minutes. No more batteries !! Fast and secure delivery from the Keyboard Company A++ Recommended :D
  Scott  10/03/2020
I currently use the Apple wired USB keyboard from my home office and was not able to get on with my company supplied Logitech keyboard while working from the office. I could not justify purchasing another Apple keyboard but heard about this keyboard on a podcast. Glad I could get the keyboard from a UK supplier! The keyboard is a great substitute for the Apple keyboard and although is not as solid, and has a slightly different 'key feel', is almost as good as an Apple keyboard, and at half the price. I'd give it 8/10

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