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UK Majestouch MINILA Air 68 Key MX Brown Tactile Bluetooth Keyboard



The world's first double function key Bluetooth keyboard!
Majestouch MINILA Air is the MINI LAyout version of Majestouch and we've made it as compact as possible by sharing Function keys with other keys, it's most striking feature is the "double function keys" located on each side of the spacebar.
It has the same key pitch and Cherry MX key switching as our famous Majestouch keyboards.

UK Majestouch MINILA Air 68 Key MX Brown Tactile Bluetooth Keyboard - FFBT68M/UKB

We focused on the least frequently used digits, the thumbs, and let them work with the Function keys.
Just keep your thumbs busy and you'll get a lot of work done much easier than on a normal keyboard!
You can use whichever thumb you want.
This keyboard can work well for anybody!
Professionals, intermediate or even beginner class!
Once you get used to typing on MINILA Air, you will not want to go back typing on a normal keyboard!
[Design rights pending]

You can use MINILA Air even more conveniently with FN keys
You can type cursor keys with a combination of FN key.
Pressing FN key and E/S/D/F simultaneously corresponds to up/left/down/right respectively.
With this solution, you can keep your home position and still type arrows very easily.
Pressing FN key plus the [:;] key simultaneously functions as backspace.
This will allow you to command backspace without changing your home position.
These combinations will offer you a faster typing environment.

More configurable

  • 5 dip switch settings:-
    1. Switch off Windows and App keys
    2. Swap left CTRL and CapsLock (key caps included)
    3. Change left FN key into space
    4. Change right FN key into space
    5. Swap ESC / [`] function (key cap included)
  • Filco key puller
  • Adjustable rear legs with non-slip feet
  • Tactile feel, ergonomic click action (Brown switch)
  • Gold contacts
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 2.0mm actuation point
  • 55g ~ 2oz actuating force keyswitch
  • Switches tested to 50 million actuations
  • Batteries included (2 x AA)

UK Majestouch MINILA Air 68 Key MX Brown Tactile Bluetooth Keyboard - FFBT68M/UKB

Part Number
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Cherry MX Brown
297 mm
124 mm
40 mm
680 g
Bluetooth 3.0 HID profile
Gross Weight
1 kg

UK Majestouch MINILA Air 68 Key MX Brown Tactile Bluetooth Keyboard - FFBT68M/UKB

  Sam  22/08/2019
An excellent portable keyboard, purchased to replace my HHKB Lite 2 for work. I found the MINILA practical in comparison, and the ability to swap caps lock and control in the same manner as the keyboard it was replacing was a godsend.
Overall build quality is great, and MX Browns are well suited.

The only negatives so far are that the backspace key on the UK layout model is very small. This is something I am sure I will get used to in time however. Secondly, there is no way to connect the keyboard with a usb cable in the event that the non rechargeable batteries die.

Overall this is an excellent portable mech board with some clever customisation features, which feels like it will last a long time. At a reasonable price for the type of product, and small form factor, the shortcomings listed above seem insignificant.
  Anonymous  14/03/2019
If the form-factor suits you, it's a quality keyboard once you've handled it.
My experience with the Keyboard Company is that the staff are helpful and professional.
  Mark  18/09/2018
I ordered this keyboard because I wanted small, wiresless and to delve into the world of switched keys.... initially I was not at all sure about it - it seemed too noisy and I kept hitting the wrong keys and the lack of function keys was annoying, although there was never any question on its build quality which is excellent... also I had some problems with it not always working with my computer...

So, firstly, the last problem: it was because I had also paired it with my laptop which was on and nearby... simple answer here was to only pair it with one active machine!!! Since then it's been rock solid.

Secondly, the noise - I have purchased (for about 5) some little rubber rings which dampen the sound a bit - also, after time, I realise I have become lighter touch with the keyboard.

The function key problem is sometimes still a bit of a pain (I am a developer and use F-keys a lot), but I've got used to it.

Overall, I've grown to absolutely love this keyboard - it's a bit like a VW beetle - a bit impractical at times, but such a joy to use and look at - so much more fun than your average microsoftlogitech device... and a wonder combination of tiny and bulletproof - I honestly think I'll be leaving this in my will! If you want a bit different and can allow yourself to be flexible, then you may just find you fall in love with this unique device.
  Rob  30/07/2019
I've had the full-size Filco Majestouch 2 as my main keyboard for several years, but I was starting to experience tendon issue in my elbow as a result of having to move my right arm quite a long way over to reach the mouse. The MINILA met all my needs - a full-size Enter key and physical arrow keys, a function layer for everything else, and a full-size keyboard for the letters and numbers. The function keys being able to be remapped to Space is very helpful, as is the switch of Caps Lock and Ctrl. Typing's now much more comfortable!

It took me a couple of days to get used to the smaller Backspace key, but not long at all. I had an issue with my Mac not recognising the left and right CmdOpt keys, but switching it to PC layout in Settings fixed that.

Great pre-sales service as well - I asked a couple of questions, and got a very thorough reply (with pictures!) that helped me choose.
  Anonymous  02/08/2016
I bought this keyboard some days ago, and I must say that I am very pleased with it. It takes a teeny tiny bit of time to get used to, due to the compact design, but when you have gotten used to it, it has a very nice feel to it, and it is awesome.
  Anonymous  25/07/2016
The keyboard itself and keyboard cos service are excellent, highly recommended

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