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UK Keychron K6 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Hot-Swap Tactile Aluminium Mac/PC 65% Keyboard


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An innovative 65% compact wireless mechanical keyboard
Crafted to maximize your workspace with a compact ergonomic design, while retaining all necessary multimedia and function keys. The hot-swappable version offers the freedom to easily personalize your typing experience without soldering.

£99.00 (£82.50 ex VAT) 

UK Keychron K6 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Hot-Swap Tactile Aluminium Mac/PC 65% Keyboard - K6-W3-UK

Wireless and wired modes
Connects with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth and switch among them easily. With high reliable and broad compatibility Broadcom Bluetooth chipset, the K6 is best to fit home, office and light gaming use while connecting with your smartphone, laptop and iPad. It also has wired mode with USB Type-C connection.

Suitable for all devices
Compatible for both macOS and Windows. Keychron is one of only a few in the market that comes with a Mac multimedia keys layout for Mac enthusiasts. For Linux users, we also have a dedicated user group to help with the experience.

Ergonomic design
Our meticulously designed layout has differentiate the K6 to other compact keyboards by doing the job right. With dedicated arrow keys (You didnít think you needed them until they were gone) and a reasonable size and position for the right shift key. The inclined bottom frame also makes the K6 more comfortable to type even without a palm rest.

Compact yet powerful
The K6 is compact while offering convenient accessibility to all the essential multimedia and function keys through the combination of key presses.
The K6 also comes with navigation keys to offer the same functionalities of a tenkeyless keyboard, but with a smaller desk footprint.

You'll never need to buy an entire new keyboard to try another switch option with the hot-swappable version. You can alter every switch in 5 seconds without soldering, just pop them in and it's done. It means the freedom to customize your typing experience with ease.
*Compatible with almost all the MX style mechanical switches on the market (including Gateron, Cherry, Kailh, etc.)

Largest battery
The K6 comes with a battery capacity of 4000mAh. The K6 can last up to 72 hours (tested with static RGB lighting), or up to 9 days of normal use (8 hrs/day).

18 types of RGB
The K6 has enchanting RGB backlight with modern keycap legends to help you type in dim environments; available in 18 types of flashing light mode.

  • Multimedia Keys: 12
  • Case: ABS+Aluminum bezels
  • Keycap Material: ABS
  • Keycap Profile: OEM
  • Backlit Types: 18
  • Backlit: Adjustable 4-level RGB backlit
  • Battery: 4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • BT Working Time(RGB): Up to 72 hours *
  • Charging Time: Around 3 hours
  • Connection: Bluetooth and Type-C cable
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Bluetooth Device Name: Keychron K6
  • Compatible System: macOS/Windows

*Lab test result may vary from actual use

Contents: Keyboard, USB-A to USB Type-C Cable, Additional Keycaps, Keycap Puller, Switch Puller and User Manual

UK Keychron K6 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Hot-Swap Tactile Aluminium Mac/PC 65% Keyboard - K6-W3-UK

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.25 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Hot-swap Gateron Brown
317 mm
107 mm
37 mm
670 g
Mac and PC
Gross Weight
950 g

UK Keychron K6 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Hot-Swap Tactile Aluminium Mac/PC 65% Keyboard - K6-W3-UK

  Jamie  09/05/2022
I am very pleased with this keyboard overall, although it does not work wirelessly with my Linux system currently (because I don't have the time to jump through all the hoops). The backlit keys really help in low light and my typing has definitely picked up a notch, although I'm hardly a 100 wpm guy! Above all, the service from Keyboardco has been excellent, and I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks for the keyboard and for your great service!
  JR  14/02/2022
I absolutely love this keyboard, and I'm so glad I went for it.
I think most people will be considering other boards in this price range like the RK61. I'm glad I went with the Keychron K6 as it has an ISO layout, which I'm more familiar with, and the overall build of the board is better. The aluminium bezel adds a good bit of weight and a premium feel, and the keys don't sound scratchy. There's no ping either, which is great.

The stabilisers are a little wobbly and could likely do with replacing or modifying, but at this price point you can't ask for much better.

The Bluetooth is really easy to connect, I've paired the board to both my phone and my PC with no issues. I've not had it for long so can't comment much on battery life!

The RGB is tasteful yet still bright, with lots of fun settings, and it's easily dimmable too.
If you're a coder/programmer, bear in mind that there is no delete key on this board, you have to use Fn to use the delete function. The RGB button takes its place. Unfortunately there's no way to remap this!

Overall, a great starter board, I'm really happy with it.
  Luigi  22/02/2022
Very good keyboard. I've been using it for two weeks and I'm in love with it. Fully customisable and perfect size for me.
  Anonymous  09/02/2022
Great little keyboard, types beautifully and fits perfectly on my small university desk. My only slight gripe is the function symbols under the number keys aren't illuminated (could probably be solved with a change in keycaps) but still definitely liveable with. Otherwise, looks amazing, great RGB schemes, battery life and bluetooth are solid, no regrets in buying this over the K2 (the more famous keyboard). I've also had no issues buying from The Keyboard Company - definitely a timesaver over buying direct from KeyChron, and I would buy from here again.

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