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UK Keychron K2v2 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Hot-Swap Tactile Aluminium Mac/PC Keyboard


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What's new on K2v2

  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Inclined bottom frame
  • Dedicated caps lock backlight

K2 is a super tactile wireless or wired keyboard giving you all the keys and function you need while keeping it compact, with the largest battery seen in a mechanical keyboard.

£99.00 (£82.50 ex VAT) 

UK Keychron K2v2 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Hot-Swap Tactile Aluminium Mac/PC Keyboard - K2-C3H-UK

The K2 can be used with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 or with a cable. Connect with your phone, laptop or iPad. Connect the keyboard wirelessly with up to 3 devices at once and switch between the screens via fn + 1/2/3 (not f1). You can also use our type-C cable to connect the keyboard to your devices.

Hot-swappable means to customize your typing experience without soldering, just pop them in and its done.
The socket of K2 (Hot-swappable) keyboard is compatible with almost all the MX style 3pin and 5pin mechanical switches on the market (including Gateron, Cherry, Kailh, etc.). SMD-LED compatible switches are the best for showing the backlights.

The K2 is designed to fit your dedicated typing experience. No matter what you like, linear, clicky or a little in between, weve got you covered with three Gateron switches options (Blue, Brown, Red). With a lifespan of 50 million keystroke lifespan we want to make sure that you experience same feedback for every keystroke.

Compatible with all operating systems from Mac to Android to Windows. K2 is one of the few mechanical keyboard featuring Mac layout media keys. It allows you to use all the same media keys as conventional macOS. Every K2 keyboard comes with additional specific keycaps for Mac and Windows, respectively.

K2s 85 key design by retaining all the essential function keys like Page Up/Down, Home, End, and Screen capture (cmd+shift+4) which are important for your productivity. With N-key rollover (NKRO on wired mode only) you can register as many keys as you can press at once without missing out characters.

Engineered with more than 15 types of RGB light and comes with different styles (flashing, breathing, or static etc) which will match up to your mood. Simply press the lightbulb key or fn + right arrow to achieve it.

The K2 can last up to 240 hours typing (backlight off) with a 4000 mAh big battery.

  • Switches: Gateron Brown tactile switches
  • Backlit: Adjustable 4-level RGB backlit
  • System: Mac/iOS/Windows/Android
  • Battery: 4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • Connection: Bluetooth and Type-C cable
  • Top Case Material: Aircraft-grade aluminium

UK Keychron K2v2 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Hot-Swap Tactile Aluminium Mac/PC Keyboard - K2-C3H-UK

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.25 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Hot-swap Gateron Brown
317 mm
129 mm
41 mm
1 kg
Mac and PC
Gross Weight
1.1 kg

UK Keychron K2v2 Bluetooth RGB Backlit Hot-Swap Tactile Aluminium Mac/PC Keyboard - K2-C3H-UK

  Adam  12/11/2021
Really nice keyboard & great customer service from The Keyboard Company.

I went for the RGB version with hot swappable brown switches. The typing experience is great, Bluetooth connectivity is reliable & it's quick & easy to connect between different paired devices.

My only criticism would be that the RGB isn't very bright compared to other wireless RGB keyboards, in fact it's not even as bright as Keychron's own example video claims. In fairness though, bright RGB is always going to be a tradeoff against battery life, so in the grand scheme it's not a big deal & the keyboard is still worthy of 5 starts imo.
  JV  11/10/2021
Great keyboard.

Feels sturdy, types cleanly (I went for browns), and a nice range of features without being over the top.

Minus 1 star for the keys - they're not great at all. PBT replacements are on the way.
  AshX  07/09/2021
This is my first foray into mechanical keyboards, and I thought it was going to be 50/50 in terms of whether I would like it. Well, the simple answer is that I really like it and probably would never go back to a chiclet keyboard. It is far more comfortable on my fingers and I find I mistype less often. I'm still getting used to it somewhat, but I am delighted with it overall. The keyboard seems well-made, tactile and works perfectly with my Mac. I don't think anyone dipping their toes into the water will regret this keyboard. If it is your first mechanical keyboard, give this one a try.
  Shams  24/08/2021
Great feedback and fast responses from the keyboardco team.
This is the ISO version with the two tones grey double injection moulded keycaps OEM profile.
Solid build quality and fast consistent connection via Bluetooth 5.1 or USB-C (keyboard side is usb-c device end is standard USB so will need a dongle of wire connecting to a Mac).
Consistent stabilisers and switches. Looks, feels and sounds good.
By far the best value 75% hot swappable mechanical Bluetooth keyboard for Mac on the UK market.
Compact but not crowded key spacing. Standard OEM is nice but as with all 75% Keyboards you may struggle with some of the right side keys when it comes to keycap upgrades. But the stock are great. Mixing the stock with HK Gaming Puddling keycaps works perfectly fine.
Easy and clean to swap out switches and perform maintenance and basic mods.
Doesnt sound too hollow not too much rattle or echo for office use (Using Browns).
Full mac Function row and legends are nice. Works well with Karabiner software for full customisation.
Suitable for typing, gaming or programming with no issues.
Height issues with the K2 v1 addressed with the V2. Still quite tall but a basic wrist rest fixes this easily and its not ridiculously high stock. Improved Bluetooth over V1 also.
Battery life is solid, no issues there at all even with max brightness and constant RGBsolid colour back lighting (has multiple options for both).
Aluminium frame can survive a few knocks if you are transporting it tofrom work.
Foam (foam mod) and dust cover come included as do switch puller and keycap puller (nice touch) also the windows alternative keys come in the box for windows users.
Works well with MaciOS, windowsandroid or Linux (tested with Ubuntu and Kali) (will need to reconfigure a few things depending on use case).
For the price K8 V2 for TKL or this for 75% K6 65% for the price nothing comes close for Mac in UK market. Keyboardco great at answering questions about the boards too.
  David C  17/07/2021
A little context first: My previous keyboards have been a couple of Ducky One2Mini's, a Leopold FC900R PD, a GMMK White Ice and a Filco Convertible.

I currently find this Keychron K2 Hotswappable Aluminium to tick all the boxes I need and otherwise the quality is pretty damn good. Build quality is excellent (especially considering the sub 100 price), the feature set is rich and the footprint is so much more compact than a TKL but with pretty much the same functionality.

I chose Gateron Brown switches and prefer them so much more than Cherry Browns, given the choice. Currently I have just swapped the Escape and the Enter keys to use Khail Box White switches :)

The only thing I would mention is that whilst visually pleasing and comfortable to type on, the keycaps are only standard shine through ABS plastic, not even double-shot ABS, however with what you are paying for this product such is to be expected. It's still one of the most competitively priced boards around. Just be careful in sourcing an aftermarket keycap set as many of the keys are not standard size.

If it helps anyone, I am using a GMMK Compact sized wooden wrist rest that I already owned and this fits better than any of the TKLFull sized ones I had, and when centered is around 0.7cm shorter than each edge of the Keychron K2. It fits very well.
  Brian L  04/11/2021
Are you looking for a Mechanical Keyboard which has the same functionality of a TKL, is UK-ISO with RGB and is in-stock from a UK distributor? This is the only reasonable consumer decision you can take. Thank you for the smooth service KBC. Thank you.
  narny  29/10/2021
My first mechanical keyboard bought to foster my goal of learning to touch type. Very pleased - it's a quality product. Had to choose switches based on listening to YouTube videos. Found the Gateron Browns to be less tactile than I'd anticipated, but they've grown on me on I'll probably stick with them.

Best part of the purchase was the Keyboard Company. Really fast delivery and I'll definitely use them again.
  sugabear  30/09/2021
I'm a graphic designer...only used apple keyboards up until now...they have been fine but wanted to see what all the fuss was about with this mechanical malarkey...K2 V2....not bad at all...nice to type on and I dig the the sound...I find it calming while I get my creative on. Good work.
  Lucas S  13/08/2021
This is my first TKL mechanical keyboard, switching from a Logi G513. I chose hot-swappable brown switches in case I didn't like the switches however, they are perfect for now. The switches aren't too loud but also not too quiet.

I also chose the RGB backlight and find it rather dim compared to other keyboards. It can be difficult to tell whether caps lock is engaged or bluetooth is connected in sunlight. The backlighting is only really effective in a very dark environment. The caps lock light turning red isn't enough so I have had to turn on a indicator within my OS.

The keyboard company has been very helpful with my purchase and provided a couple replacement keycaps for chipped keycaps that arrived with the keyboard.

Sourcing keycaps will be an issue if you are on UK ISO and K2 as it is such a unique size. I am happy with sticking to the Keychron keycaps but since it seems they are just painted I may look elsewhere for more keycaps.

The keyboard is very nice to type on and is a good size for portability and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a good macOS mech keyboard.
  Tony H  30/07/2021
This is my first mechanical keyboard and I'm very statisfied with the experience of ordering and with the quality of thekeyboard. It takes a little getting used to but it's nothing a little time and practice won't cure. As mentioned in previous reviews, the UK layout and 75% size makes sourcing replacement keycaps tricky but it's not anything anyone should worry about out the box. The ABS caps on this keyboard are perfecrtly fine so you've got plenty of time to do LOTS of research online :)
  Luca  17/07/2021
Great keyboard, the aluminum version is very solid.
  Michael  13/07/2021
Amazing keyboard! Great quality nothing compared to my previous gaming mech keyboards.

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