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UK K2 Convertible RGB Backlit Tactile Mac Keyboard


Out of Stock ETA 02/10/2020 

The Keychron K2 is a super Bluetooth or wired keyboard giving you all the keys and functions you need while keeping it compact and with one of the largest batteries seen in a mechanical keyboard.

Connect with your phone, laptop or iPad. Connect the keyboard wirelessly via Bluetooth with up to 3 devices, and switch between them with fn + 1, 2 or 3. You can also use the USB to type-C cable to connect the keyboard to your devices and/or charge the keyboard.

£83.99 (£69.99 ex VAT) 

UK K2 Convertible RGB Backlit Tactile Mac Keyboard - UK-B3

Tactile feel Gateron Brown switches with a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes and more.

Compatible with all operating systems from Mac to Android to Windows. K2 is one of the few mechanical keyboards featuring Mac layout media keys. It allows you to use all the same media keys as conventional macOS. Every K2 keyboard comes with 3 specific keycaps for Mac and Windows, respectively.

K2's 85 key design retains all the essential function keys like Page Up/Down, Home, End, and Screen capture (cmd+shift+4) which are important for your productivity. With N-key rollover (NKRO on wired mode only) you can register as many keys as you can press at once without missing out characters.

Designed to be a wireless mechanical keyboard that everyone would love to use in everyday work. The streamline plastic frame with curved profile keycaps creates an unbeatable feel and the 6 degree typing angle gives unrivaled comfort.

With 4000 mAh battery K2 has 25% more battery capacity than the Apple Magic keyboard, 2.7x more than the Logitech Craft Keyboard, 4x more than Hexgear's X1 and two times more than the Keychron K1 Keyboard. This ensures that K2 lasts as long as it can with a single charge.

Engineered with more than 15 types of RGB light and comes with different styles (flashing, breathing, or static etc) which will match up to your mood. Simply press the light bulb key or fn + right arrow to achieve it.

  • Switches: Gateron Brown tactile switches
  • Backlit Types: 18
  • Backlit: Adjustable 4-level RGB backlit
  • System: Mac/iOS/Windows/Android
  • Battery: 4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • BT Working Time(RGB): Up to 10 hours (Lab test result may vary by actual use)
  • Connection: Bluetooth and Type-C cable
  • Bluetooth version: 3.0
  • Single-tone keycaps

UK K2 Convertible RGB Backlit Tactile Mac Keyboard - UK-B3

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Gateron Brown
313 mm
123 mm
39 mm
900 g
Mac and PC
Gross Weight
950 g

UK K2 Convertible RGB Backlit Tactile Mac Keyboard - UK-B3

  Anonymous  20/07/2020
This is my first mechanical keyboard and I am very happy with it. I have been eyeing this model for a long time now and I am so glad I finally bought it. I am also super glad to actually have bought the ISO layout; I almost bought the ANSI one!

I am loving the compact layout and the feel of typing on a mechanical keyboard is hard to beat. I was never a fan of RGB lighting but the options are great and having a light glow is a great stealth option.

Great keyboard and great service from the Keyboard Co!
  Peter Varadi  19/06/2020
This keyboard is near perfect. It packs some incredible features for such a price. I've been looking for 65% ISO layouts (as I use a native european layout) for quite some time, but almost all 65% keyboards are ANSI for some reason. So I was pretty happy when finally found the K2. Even though it was already sold on the official site, their support helped me find a reseller who still had a few units left.

Size I was a bit worried about the height at first, but it's actually not an issue. The overall 65% size is also perfect.
Price Way below average market price, what not to love?
Switch Cherry MX Brown, which is what I was looking for. Great click feedback.
Keycaps I bought this keyboard as the base for a custom keycap set I've had already ordered at the time, so I haven't used the original keycaps much. They are nothing to write home about. They get the job done, but they're too thin and smooth on the surface for my taste. Possibly the weakest component for me.
Extras Bluetooth and Battery: great to have, I can detach, and use my keyboard with my TV as well; Switch to toggle between MacPC mode: also great as I use both OS'; Detachable USB-C cable: yes!; Backlight: it's a great feature, but not that important for me as my custom keycaps don't support it.

I use AHK to custom bind some extra glyphs and keys I've lost when I swapped to 65%.

All in all, I LOVE this keyboard, it covers everything I need perfectly. Goes perfectly well with the keycap set I've been using:
  Anonymous  09/04/2020
I have used the Keychron K2 for about a week now. No complaints and I'm happy with it. I am a first time mechanical keyboard user so have little reference though. I have the gateron brown switches and they seem to be the right balance between feedback and noise for me. Switching the keyboard between 3 different devices (Windows laptop, iMac, iPhone) all works very smoothly. After a week it is still on the same charge (and should still last for a few more weeks I believe). I was worried about the height but it actually doesn't seem to bother me much as I don't lean my hands on the desk while typing). What does bother me a bit is the cursor/home/end/del/pageup/down area, but that's just because my muscle memory hasn't figured it out yet I think (but if they had more spacious version of this keyboard around I would go for that). I was glad to find this keyboard at KeyboardCo and not to have to get it from Keychron directly, price was right, ordering was simple and delivery quick. I will visit you guys first for future keyboard needs!
  Wayne  01/03/2020
I had outstanding support and help in choosing and leading upto this keyboard becoming available. As a Mac user in the UK, options seemed to be quite limited, so given the relatively low cost of this keyboard, i decided to take a punt, and buy one.

The board isn't perfect, so let's get that on the table right away. The keycaps in particular feel rather thin and light (and cheap) ... but when the entire board costs less than a set of high end keycaps, this is perhaps not a huge surprise. They're not 'terrible' or 'horrible', but they don't feel great.

The features of this board however are very impressive. I got the RGB version, and there are enough 'patterns' to keep you amused (if that's your kind of thing). I've personally found a low 'glow' of a solid colour to be my preference, and adjusting brightness, colour etc is all simple.

The board is also 100% compatible with the Mac. Each key works as you'd expect it to, so much so that my MacBook doesn't seem to even recognise it as a different keyboard (it doesn't appear as one in the list like my other mechs do). So flawless use for Mac if you're looking for that.

I got the Gateron Brown switches, and they are fine. I'm no switch expert, but they're not a disappointment over Cherry keys that i'm more familiar with.

The board is (for me) way too high. I know its been a consistent commentcriticism of the K2 since its ANSI launch, and i absolutely need to use a wrist rest to make it comfortable. Hovering (if that's your thing) i guess is fine, but i couldn't do that for a sustained typing session ... so factor that into your buying decision, because even in its inclined setting, you can't use the board easily without a wrist rest ... perhaps unless you have fingers like spiders legs and wear an XXXXL glove size :)

So would i recommend the K2 ... in a word, yes. If you are a Mac user especially if you're a UK Mac user. If you are a real 'Mech Head', you're not going to find this comparable to anything like a custom board .. but you're also not being asked to pay that price for one. So at the price ... i think its a great buy, and comes with best in class customer service from Keyboardco !!
  Crotchety in Oxford  11/06/2020
Good first keyboard for anyone just getting into mechanicals. The height often comes up in reviews, and many advise using a palm rest. But the height will not be an issue for anyone using proper typing technique (that is, with wrists straight, hands hovering), and failing that, a rest isn't going to help much. If you can't be bothered to hold your hands correctly, then stick with the Apple magic keyboard or something similarly low-profile, such as Keychron's K1 (which, sadly, is currently not carried by Keyboard Co).
  Anonymous  09/06/2020
Its a brilliant keyboard and the brown switches are a lot quieter than my other mechanical keyboards.

The light show it puts on is great.

A great keyboard and great value
  H.A.  22/04/2020
My first mechanical keyboard. Very happy with my decision overall - very few keyboards fit my requirement of 65%TKL, ISO, RGB, wirelessbluetooth, and PC+Mac compatible. Brown keys are perfect for me. The Keychron K2 does sit very high and I'd advise a wrist rest to complement it - I went for the Glorious Stealth TKL wrist rest and it works well. Keyboardco were fantastic and I will be using their services again. Thanks a lot. H.A.
  andyging3  10/04/2020
Fantastic keyboard. Very responsive and is great to type on. I bought this with the brown keys which I am very happy with (I did a lot of research beforehand!).
This is my first mechanical keyboard so although I have nothing to compare it with I think I have struck gold first time especially as it is set up for Macs out of the box.
Very happy customer!!
  Martin  07/03/2020
Bought the Keychron K2 two weeks ago and i have to say that it's a super cool and solid keyboard of high quality. The lighting effects are awesome and make typing in the dark become an unreal experience! Got the brown Gateron switches, which just feel nice also after hours of typing.

Only little drawback is the keyboard's height, but this can be easily overcome by getting a wrist rest.

All in all an awesome keyboard!

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