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UK Keychron K2v2 Bluetooth Backlit Tactile Mac/PC Keyboard


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What's new on K2v2

  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Inclined bottom frame
  • Dedicated caps lock backlight

K2 is a super tactile wireless or wired keyboard giving you all the keys and function you need while keeping it compact, with the largest battery seen in a mechanical keyboard.

£74.00 (£61.67 ex VAT) 

UK Keychron K2v2 Bluetooth Backlit Tactile Mac/PC Keyboard - K2-A3-UK

The K2 can be used with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 or with a cable. Connect with your phone, laptop or iPad. Connect the keyboard wirelessly with up to 3 devices at once and switch between the screens via fn + 1/2/3 (not f1). You can also use our type-C cable to connect the keyboard to your devices.

The K2 is designed to fit your dedicated typing experience. No matter what you like, linear, clicky or a little in between, weve got you covered with three Gateron switches options (Blue, Brown, Red). With a lifespan of 50 million keystroke lifespan we want to make sure that you experience same feedback for every keystroke.

Compatible with all operating systems from Mac to Android to Windows. K2 is one of the few mechanical keyboard featuring Mac layout media keys. It allows you to use all the same media keys as conventional macOS. Every K2 keyboard comes with additional specific keycaps for Mac and Windows, respectively.

K2s 85 key design by retaining all the essential function keys like Page Up/Down, Home, End, and Screen capture (cmd+shift+4) which are important for your productivity. With N-key rollover (NKRO on wired mode only) you can register as many keys as you can press at once without missing out characters.

Engineered with more than 15 types of backlight and comes with different styles (flashing, breathing, or static etc) which will match up to your mood. Simply press the lightbulb key or fn + right arrow to achieve it.

The K2 can last up to 240 hours typing (backlight off) with a 4000 mAh big battery.

  • Switches: Gateron Brown tactile switches
  • Backlit: White LED
  • System: Mac/iOS/Windows/Android
  • Battery: 4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery
  • Connection: Bluetooth and Type-C cable

UK Keychron K2v2 Bluetooth Backlit Tactile Mac/PC Keyboard - K2-A3-UK

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.25 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Gateron Brown
313 mm
123 mm
41 mm
900 g
Mac and PC
Gross Weight
950 g

UK Keychron K2v2 Bluetooth Backlit Tactile Mac/PC Keyboard - K2-A3-UK

  Anonymous  19/10/2023
A fantastic keyboard - just bought another from Keyboardco. Fast delivery and great customer service. Recommended.
  KVM Switch Direct  07/05/2022
I wish we had been aware of these Keyboards a long time ago as they are such excellent value. I usually use an HHKB JP which was 4 times the price of the Keychron and that was about 8 years ago. I cannot comment on the Bluetooth as I have not used it nor the back lights as I keep them switched off however I can say that for me , and remember keyboard experience is highly subjective, this is a fantastic little keyboard. Finally echoing everyone else's experience The Keyboard Company was fast and efficient and when i need another keyboard I will make sure I use them again
  Rob  24/02/2022
Outstanding service and brilliant keyboard. Firstly the service I received was great. The team got in touch to check my order as I'd ordered a UK keyboard with US caps (deliberate). It was delivered within 2 days. The keyboard is brilliant, already love typing on it. It is quite high so you may need a wrist rest, still waiting to see if I need one. I didn't think I'd be a fan of the white lighting but it actually looks cool. The switch labels on the side are almost illegible but you can just make them out. Very well built and has a nice sturdy weight to it. Comes with a keycap grabber, which was so useful and easy to swap the keys out. It's my first mech keyboard and it's a joy to type on!
  RC  31/08/2021
I was looking around for my first mechanical keyboard. My needs are at minimum:
(1) 65% for its dedicated arrow key
(2) Wireless (needs to swap between at least two different devices)
(3) Hot-swappable (since I'm planning for a switch upgrade later)
(4) Adjustable kickstand
(5) Cost less than 100
(6) Can be delivered within a day

I have been looking around for a while and found at least four different options: RK61, Keychron K2v2, Keychron K6, and the AKKO 8086. However, only the Keychrons fit all my checklist. To be fair, the reviews of them are not all praise, but I think that the positive outweighs all the negative (bad ABS keycaps, thicker profile).

I chose the white backlight version with Gateron Brown switch.
+ Quite compact.
+ The Bluetooth is quite good (at least for typing and regular gaming sessions, distance from receiver between 1m to about 2-3m).
+ The battery is large.
+ Extra Mac and Windows keycaps are good (even though I am only using the keyboard for Windows and Linux).
+ Gateron hot-swap with 5 feet.
+ It feels solid but not too heavy.

- The plastic feels smooth, but the edges are a bit sharp, both in the keycaps and the body (frame, kickstand). Not really sharp as in hurting your fingers, but it's not really dullsmooth. It's sharp-ish. It won't hurt you even in a long typing session.
- The ABS keycaps (especially the black keys) are.... bad-ish. I will certainly change it later.
- It's quite tall because of the thick plate. A wrist rest is a must. (Or, get an XDADSA keycaps later)
- Because of Keychron north-facing LED, you can't use Cherry profile keycaps with it.
- The physical toggles for changing WindowsMac and BTWired mode feel a bit flimsy.

In the end, I still think that if you really need something specific like me, it is still a good purchase. You might want to invest more with the RGB and aluminium frames for an extra 20, but I think that the cheapest one is already good enough.

Thank you Keyboardco for dispatching my order on time! I ordered it on Friday afternoon using the RM 24 tracking service. To be honest, I am a bit worried because it is a Bank Holiday on Monday, but my order arrived the next day (Saturday afternoon).
  Nico  08/02/2023
Great keyboard and great price. My only real complaint is that the Windows and print screen keys don't have particularly good icons. That might just be due to licensing issues or something though and I imagine I could get some custom ones if it bothered me enough
  A Matei  28/02/2022
Love the keyboard, cheapest on the web and very fast delivery, as well as customer service.
  Anderson  11/02/2022
After a lot of research, I decided to buy K2v2. It was the best decision I made.
The keyboard is excellent and far superior to others with the same price range. Works very nicely with Linux (Ubuntu-based).
  Andy  25/11/2021
Great keyboard and fantastic service from The Keyboard Company!
  Kerry  09/11/2021
K2v2 with gateron brown keys and I love it. I I am a CAD user and have a CadMouse Pro and SapceMouse Pro either side of the keyboard. This keyboard being tenkeyless is a perfect compact size allowing my arms to be 90 degrees to my shoulders. Love the caps lock light and print screen button that I have set to snip & sketch very useful. Great service from the Keyboard Company.
  Will  09/06/2021
Great product, very happy with service
  Mark  16/05/2021
After researching various keyboards and settling on the Keychron K2, I chose the Keyboard Company as my supplier. The keyboard speaks for itself, of course it is a matter of preference, but for me, it catered for all of my needs; namely the UK ISO keyboard layout, Gateron Brown switch mechanical keys, white backlight, and MacWindows compatibility. This 5 star review is for the Keyboard Company... The order process was simple, the customer service was faultless, and delivery was fast and tracked. I will, without question, recommend the Keyboard Company to anyone who is considering buying a new keyboard; and I will look no further if I ever need to purchase one for myself in the future.
  Rita Su  25/03/2021
First time trying out Gateron brown switch and it is surprisingly nice! The keycaps are not very friendly to those with long nails though and the spacebar is a bit wobbly!


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