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UK Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac Soft Tactile


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The Das Keyboard 4 is an experience like no other.
The combination of tactile feel, the psycho-acoustic experience and incredible craftsmanship all deliver an excellent typing experience. With a Das Keyboard 4 for Mac, you’ll type faster and longer. It feels so good, you won't want to stop.

£148.99 (£124.16 ex VAT) 

UK Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac Soft Tactile - DASK4MACSFT-UK

Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac mechanical keyboard is specifically designed for Mac compatibility. It's made of the highest-quality materials and has a robust construction you can feel. All of our keyboards are designed with high-performance, gold-plated mechanical key switches lasting up to 50 million keystrokes. Give your Mac the keyboard it deserves.

An Excellent Feel with the 'Brown' MX Tactile Feel Key Switch
The Cherry MX 'brown' key switch, gives a tactile feel without the audible click of the 'blue' switch, it has a long key stroke of 4mm with the actuation point (key press) at 2mm. Easy, fast and stress-free typing, the famous features of Cherry MX tactile feel.

Oversized Volume Knob & Dedicated Media Controls
With its large volume knob, Das Keyboard 4 for Mac allows users to quickly adjust volume while on a Skype call, in a Google hangout, or streaming online music. The Das Keyboard 4 for Mac also provides quick access to dedicated media controls such as mute, play, pause, next and previous track.

Energy-Saving Instant Sleep Button
Be kind to the earth by putting your computer to sleep with the quick-access instant sleep button. Not only will you save energy, but by putting your computer to sleep, you save time and can be up and running much faster than if you shut down and restart.

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub
Need to transfer videos to your workstation but don't have time to wait all day for file transfers to complete? Don't worry. Das Keyboard 4 for Mac has a blazing fast two-port USB 3.0 hub to transfer music, high resolution pictures and large videos at up to 5Gb per second. That's 10 times faster than USB 2.0. It is backwards compatible with all USB 2.0/1.1 devices and hosts so previous peripheral investments are protected.

N-Key Rollover
Programmers and fast typists will love to hear that Das Keyboard 4 for Mac supports full n-key rollover (NKRO) over USB. No need to use a PS/2 adapter anymore. Just press shift + mute to toggle NKRO. Full n-key rollover works with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Mac OS Specific Key Functions
In addition to standard Command and Alt/Option keys, Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac offers quick, convenient access to a number of other Mac specific key functions. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac makes it easy to toggle between screens, view your desktop along with other applications that you have open, and access your brightness controls all at the push of a button.

UV Hard Coat-Protected Key Caps
The Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac has UV hard coat-protected key caps to prevent fading. The UV hard coating, silk screened legends and new printing process allows for extra durable inscriptions. Das Keyboard's key cap font has been designed to provide ease of reading. Das Keyboard's font looks modern while keeping some of its lines from older, well established fonts. The overall result is sleek and easily readable while not drawing unnecessary attention.

Footbar = Ruler
We got tired of those itty bitty plastic keyboard feet. They are fragile and typical. The magnetically attached Das Keyboard footbar raises the keyboard to an optimal 4-degrees. It looks sharp and can be used as a precise ruler when not in use as a footbar. 16-Inch red ruler is scaled on both sides. A ruler? Why not...

Extra Long Cable
Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac sports a 2-meter (6.5ft) cable that goes through desk grommets to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Now equipped with only one USB cable to power the keyboard and USB hub at the same time.

Every Detail Matters
Featuring a stunning look, Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac has been designed with a slick anodized aluminium top panel, a resonance-free bottom enclosure, a magnetically attached footbar, and a laser-engraved aluminium bottom label… all which make the design feel more bad ass and the typing feel more responsive.

There is no detail too tiny for us.

UK Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac Soft Tactile - DASK4MACSFT-UK

Part Number
Cable length
2 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
457 mm
173 mm
21 mm
1.3 kg
Gross Weight
1.9 kg

UK Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac Soft Tactile - DASK4MACSFT-UK

  Sylvanus Urban  16/05/2022
Beautifully made and brown switches are almost perfect for me. Blue would probably be too noisy for the office. We'll worth the money and I'd highly recommend.
  Sally  24/06/2021
I cannot fault the service I received, nor can I heap enough praise on this keyboard. My only regret is that I suffered for so long with my iMac issue one before buying this. Yes, it is expensive, but then I have never found anything in life that is worth having that hasn't been! To paraphrase, buy cheaply, buy twice.
  Max  11/01/2021
Great board, this is my second one since 2017 because I gave the last one a tough life and one or two keys are triggering twice. Ill make sure to clean this one once in a while and Im sure itll last a lot longer!
  Sam  13/08/2020
This is a lovely keyboard. It's taken me a few days to get used to it, but I am typing really cleanly on it now and it feels very satisfying to type on. I think I could probably use a wrist rest as well as the typing position is higher than I'm used to.
  Anonymous  19/06/2020
Very quick service and excellent quality of product
  Seb L  22/04/2020
Very happy with the keyboard so far,
Great tactile feel, i got used to it in no time.

I received the parcel about 4 working days after ordering it which is great considering the state of lockdown we're in at the moment.

I'll order again on this website for sure!
  Knight  23/02/2022
Really like this keyboard.
Feels great to type on. It's worth the money for sure!
  Will Lakeman  03/05/2021
It's a great product, this is my second one since 2015. The first one has had a few switches jitter, so I bought a second one whilst the first is being repaired. It is worth the extra money. The brown switch version is not too loud, and is very comfortable and solid. I don't think I would consider another keyboard brand. The volume knob for media is great too.
  Chris S  18/12/2020
Great service from the keyboard co, again.

Really really well-built keyboard. The switches are pleasingly clicky: Well see how much they annoy my colleagues when and if we ever return to shared offices.

I dont love its design, and the decision to give 2 of the f-keys over to brightness controls is hard to explain, but it feels good and works well which are the most important things.
  Anonymous  12/08/2020
Excellent service. The keyboard is excellent. It's a huge improvement on my previous keyboard and excellent value for money given the build quality .
  Jon  30/04/2020
A quality mechanical keyboard. So much more satisfying to work on than the standard Apple keyboard. Loving it.
  Al  20/03/2020
Great bit of kit and excellent service from The Keyboard Company.
All the media and sleep keys work.

The keyboard is solid and typing is a really nice experience. The brown switches mean it's fairly quiet as well.


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