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Matias Mini Quiet Wireless Laptop Pro Keyboard for Mac, USA


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It feels amazing.
Without question, the Laptop Pro is the best BT wireless keyboard you can get for your Mac.
Built from our Quiet Click mechanical keyswitches, they deliver a feel that's unmatched for comfort - without sacrificing the tactile feedback you need to type really fast.

£130.80 (£109.00 ex VAT) 

Matias Mini Quiet Wireless Laptop Pro Keyboard for Mac, USA - FK303QBT-US

Wireless + compact.
There are several benefits that come with a compact, wireless keyboard...

  • More free space on your desk, and no wires to clutter it.
  • Using your mouse is more comfortable - because you don't have to reach as far.
  • Easy to pack for trips.
    It's narrow enough to fit in your laptop bag, making it easy to take with you.

Really long battery life.
No expense was spared to make this the best BT wireless keyboard possible. That includes putting a much bigger battery in it than we had to - 1,600 mAh. That's big enough to last 6 months to a year, on a single charge (under normal use).

USB Charging Ports.
The USB ports on the Laptop Pro let you do two things...

  • Charge the keyboard.
  • Charge up to 2 other devices, while you're charging the keyboard.
To charge only the keyboard, a USB port on your computer provides sufficient power (500mA or 2.5W). It takes up to 5 hours for a complete charge.
For charging multiple devices, you need more power. Apple's 5W USB Power Adaptor gives you enough power to charge one extra device. Apple's 12W USB Power Adaptor or a generic iPad charger provide more than enough power to charge 2 extra devices through the keyboard.
Note: The USB ports are for charging only. Plugging a flash drive or mouse into them will have no effect.

Really quiet.
Mechanical keyboards offer the best performance, but they're noisy - too noisy to use in most offices, or around other people. This is the first one that's quiet. Over two years in the making, itís the only mechanical keyboard that keeps both your fingers and your co-workers happy.

A modern Apple Extended Keyboard II.
If you're a fan of the legendary Apple Extended Keyboard II, the Laptop Pro is for you. It was the inspiration for our design, and you can feel that heritage in every keystroke.

Mac-friendly function keys.
Just like an Apple keyboard, the Laptop Proís function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more.
There's even an Fn key, that lets you momentarily change the function keys back to their traditional duties, when you need them.

Also connects to iPad & Android tablets, PCs, and other BT wireless devices.
We designed the keyboard to connect wirelessly to your Mac, but it's actually a standard BT wireless connection, so it'll work with any device that supports BT wireless keyboards.
That includes... Macs, PCs, the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Apple TV, Android 3.0+ smartphones and tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, and many more.
When connected to a PC, the position of the Alt and Win keys are swapped.

™ € £ ¥ © are easy to find.
Extra handy (but hard to remember) symbols are printed right on the keys. Simply hold down the Option key for the bottom-right characters, or Shift-Option for top-right characters.

Laser etched keys.
All those symbols are handy, but what happens when they wear off? They won't. They're laser etched - burned into the keys with a laser - so they'll never wear off.

Sculpted keytops.
The latest trend in keyboards is to have very flat & wide keys, with little or no space between them. You see this a lot on laptops and netbooks. While they look great, they can also be a little tricky to type on. The flatness makes it very easy to slide out of home row and lose your bearings.
The Laptop Pro bucks this trend. It has traditional sculpted keytops, curved to fit your fingertips, and keep you from sliding out of home position.

No ghost in this machine.
Most keyboards allow only a few keys to be pressed at once, so they can't keep up with very fast typists. The result is called ghosting - letters missing from what you actually typed, or additional letters that you didn't type.
The Laptop Pro has special Anti-Ghosting Circuitry (also called n-key rollover) to eliminate these problems. You can type as fast as you're able; the Laptop Pro will keep up.

Matias Mini Quiet Wireless Laptop Pro Keyboard for Mac, USA - FK303QBT-US

Part Number
BT wireless
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Matias Quiet Click
337 mm
165 mm
35 mm
950 g
Gross Weight
1.4 kg

Matias Mini Quiet Wireless Laptop Pro Keyboard for Mac, USA - FK303QBT-US

  Orlando  22/03/2022
I have had a Matias Laptop Pro Keyboard for quite a few years, and decided to update with the newer 'quiet' model. I am a writer so I type fast and furiously; a comfortable keyboard (and mouse) is really important to me.
The Keyboard Co is amazing to deal with - incredibly knowledgeable and helpful - and I am 100% pleased with my purchase. They are also great at following up if you have a problem later on. For instance, my Contour Roller Mouse (another great set-up) suddenly started misbehaving and they went to a lot of trouble (including contacting the manufacturer) to sort it out. (It turned out my cat had changed the settings from Mac to PC, with disastrous results.)
  Pradeesh  05/04/2019
Well built keyboard with good key stability. Bluetooth connected immediately to my Mac. Keys are really quiet as specified and have very nice feel to it. I enjoy typing on the keyboard.
  Vincent  14/09/2018
Great keyboard. Only the right Cmd key doesn't work for some reason, but I guess it will require some extra config?
  Max  26/04/2018
Been using the keyboard for about a month now and I feel confident to write a fair review. I waited quite long to get the keyboard as it was sold out for months but I was patient, as there are no alternatives on the market for a small sized, mac layout, bluetooth, mechanical keyboard.
First of all I must say that I am completely satisfied with the ordering and shipping with

Let's talk about the good things. The keyboard itself works perfectly fine, I have no connection issues and all keys function properly. There are also no coloring problems or anything else that could lead back to bad quality assurance.
I really like the layout and the extra symbols on the keys. The keyboard is not super quiet but more though than standard mechanical boards.

What I don't like. The most important thing why people still prefer mechanical keyboards is the feeling. And I must say that this is the main issue I have with this keyboard. The keys don't feel that nice to write on. I often find myself wondering if I have actually pressed the key or not. It feels a bit wobbly. I am also not a big fan of the shiny silver styling which makes it look a bit cheap compared to a mat black look for example. Anyways the main issue is the keys, compared to my previous board, the steelseries g6v2, the keys feel much worse. The keys are more quiet but make sure you really need that, because if not, then there are better boards out there imo.
  Anonymous  04/05/2016
I took delivery of the Matias Quiet Laptop Pro a few weeks back. The first one delivered was faulty, something wrong with the backspace and the left CMD key.

I contacted KeyboardCo and after some initial troubleshooting we agreed to exchange the keyboard for another one. I received the second one without any trouble and I absolutely love my new keyboard. It's one surpassed by my Matias Tactile Pro (3), but that's just too loud in an office environment.

Too bad the initial delivery was a faulty one, but the way the team at KeyboardCo helped me along by providing helpful suggestions and exchanging the item... KeyboardCo is my absolute number one stop whenever I need to buy another keyboard. Excellent customer service.
  Alexandru  22/08/2019
I wanted to make the switch from the Apple Magic Keyboard to a mechanical one so I went with a TKL model. It was mostly fine but I've gotten so used to the magic keyboard size that the extra space was causing me issues.

I found the Matias keyboard and on paper it looked perfect. Been using it for a while and so far so good. It's quiet, compact, and wireless. The size is perfect for someone who's used the small apple keyboards. The switches are the quietest I've had (granted, I've only tested cherry blues and browns so no idea how it compares to reds or clears).

All in all, a great wireless keyboard for the mac.
  Valera  17/12/2018
I have been user of Matias keyboards for the last errr ... 15 years... This one did not disappoint either... Soft and quiet, brilliant for long coding and typing sessions and I do not mind keeping 2 additional pounds it in my rucksack. One thing to keep in mind though - its a bluetooth only keyboard (which is fine most of the time, considering lack of usb type-A ports in modern Macbooks), but if you are like me who needs occasionally to plug your keyboard into servers and workstations, you will need to keep your old USB keyboard around.
Excellent service and prompt delivery from Keyboard company.
Thank you.
  Aurlien  19/09/2017
Keyboard is great, nice feel, nice layout. Exactly what I wanted.

However I am disappointed by the keycaps, my CMD key has some extra plastic on it and my PG_END key has some kind of light white stain on it.

Reading other comments, I feel like Matias QA on their keyboards need some improvement.
  Anonymous  07/09/2016
It seems well built, and feels good to type on.
However, I've returned it after less than an hour of use.

It arrived with a fault (the 'p' key often produced two 'p's), but I'm sure that a replacement (or two) would have fixed that.

Worse was the bluetooth interference with my Apple Magic Trackpad - roughly every 10s the trackpad would stop responding for 1s.
I tried the suggestions offered by KeyboardCo, but nothing helped. I'm not convinced that this was a problem with the item, so KeyboardCo agreed to a refund without question.
Though I'm disappointed the keyboard doesn't work in my environment, I'm very happy with KeyboardCo.
  Anonymous  22/01/2016
My Matias Laptop Pro arrived today. Paired it with my Mac without a hitch -- best keyboard I've ever used, and I've used a few. Thanks for the speedy shipment.

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