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UK Majestouch MINILA 68 key MX Red Soft Linear Keyboard


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The world's first double function key keyboard!
Majestouch MINILA is the MINI LAyout version of Majestouch and we've made it as compact as possible by sharing Function keys with other keys, it's most striking feature is the "double function keys" located on each side of the spacebar.
It has the same key pitch and Cherry MX key switching as our famous Majestouch keyboards.

£114.00 (£95.00 ex VAT) 

UK Majestouch MINILA 68 key MX Red Soft Linear Keyboard - FFKB68MRL/UKB

We focused on the least frequently used digits, the thumbs, and let them work with the Function keys.
Just keep your thumbs busy and you'll get a lot of work done much easier than on a normal keyboard!
You can use whichever thumb you want.
This keyboard can work well for anybody!
Professionals, intermediate or even beginner class!
Once you get used to typing on MINILA, you will not want to go back typing on a normal keyboard!
[Design rights pending]

You can use MINILA even more conveniently with FN keys
You can type cursor keys with a combination of FN key.
Pressing FN key and E/S/D/F simultaneously corresponds to up/left/down/right respectively.
With this solution, you can keep your home position and still type arrows very easily.
Pressing FN key plus the [:;] key simultaneously functions as backspace.
This will allow you to command backspace without changing your home position.
These combinations will offer you a faster typing environment.

More configurable

  • 5 dip switch settings:-
    1. Switch off Windows and App keys
    2. Swap left CTRL and CapsLock (key caps included)
    3. Change left FN key into space
    4. Change right FN key into space
    5. Swap ESC / [`] function (key cap included)
  • Integrated USB 2.0 port
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Filco key puller
  • Adjustable rear legs with non-slip feet
  • Filco hook and loop cable tie
  • Soft linear feel (red switch)
  • Gold contacts
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 2.0mm actuation point
  • 45g ~ 1.6oz actuating force keyswitch
  • Switches tested to 50 million actuations
  • Red LED's

UK Majestouch MINILA 68 key MX Red Soft Linear Keyboard - FFKB68MRL/UKB

Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
297 mm
124 mm
40 mm
680 g
Gross Weight
1 kg

UK Majestouch MINILA 68 key MX Red Soft Linear Keyboard - FFKB68MRL/UKB

  Ben  09/06/2021
So far so good. Spacebar is pretty small but I ordered this for a MiSTer desk so it's mostly for gaming. It's my first Filco and my first MX Red board for a while, and I'm actually liking the feel so much I might replace my Ducky One2 Blue TKL with a similar Filco...
  Guillermo  28/03/2021
Excellent keyboard, thoroughly satisfied with it. I particularly like being able to swap Control and Caps Lock with one of the bottom dip switches instead of having to remap them by software, which sometimes can get quite cumbersome. Also the overall feel is very pleasant, both in the quality of the switches and weight.
  Anonymous  30/07/2018
This is a lovely keyboard to write with. The keys are very easy to press and don't make too much noise. It is compact and doesn't take up much desk space. Despite not using much of the desk, all the functions are there and it is very easy to get used to the double function either side of the small space bar that enable access to function keys, home, end, up and down etc.

It's a delight to use.
  Remi  26/12/2016
Advantages :
- small space bar that allows to have 2 more keys on direct access.
- the fn functions allow to use quickly and easily:
- the backspace (this is sooo good)
- the page uppage down keys (this is also great)
- the homeend keys
- the arrows
- the insertdelete keys
- the print screenlock screenpause keys
- there are functions to easily remap keys such as escape, caps lock and ctrl and fn.

- the fn keys can only be changed to space. It is impossible to remap them to another key using a software: this can only be done by changing the hardware. Why is that?! I bought this keyboard to get a ctrl key on direct access with my right thumb, and it is such a pain to remap this fn key... I will try to change the hardware but I had really liked the Fn keys to send a signal like Alt, Ctrl or Shift do.

Conclusion: this is one of the only keyboard with a small spacebar. It is a great keyboard, the Fn keys are sooo handy. But, it would have been perfect if ALL keys (especially the Fn ones) could be remapped on a software level.
  Simon  28/04/2021
Really nice keyboard, there is a settling in time, getting used to the layout and the smaller keys but I went from a full size Majestouch-2 , initially I was thinking this keyboard would be my travel partner but I've since switched over to it full time.

I was already used to cherry reds and in my opinion they are the nicest for typing and gaming on, they don't require as much force.

The one drawback I will say for this keyboard, the keycaps aren't the highest quality and there aren't many sets out there, in fact I'm yet to find a full set for the European version of this keyboard. Once I have the layout 100% learnt and I don't have to look for where the Fn keys switches are I will use multiple keycap sets and merge them to create a set.

Overall though, this is an amazing 60% the build quality is the usual Filco standard, the thing feels like a tank! No regrets with this and it has replaced my fullsize.

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