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French Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, Keyboard



The Ten-Keyless version of the Majestouch-2
This is the 88 key version of Majestouch (the Majestouch without the number pad). With this compact keyboard, you can save space while having the same layout, and the same tactile feel as the existing Majestouch series.
You can customize your saved space by placing the 'Ten Key Keypad' (sold separately, see below) on your left side or right side, when you feel the need.

French Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, Keyboard - FKBN88M/FRB2

True N-key rollover
The functionality by which all the typed keys are recognized on the PC, even when many keys are typed simultaneously. All the keys typed simultaneously are recognized on the PS/2 port (limited to 6 keys typed simultaneously for the USB due to the specifications of USB). Completely dedicated electronic circuitry, a diode is soldered on the PCB for every key switch to prevent 'counter currency'.

Solid and stylish
The rigid case construction gives a sure and comfortable typing experience with a specially designed font, for better visibility and a stylish and long lasting appearance.

An excellent feel with the 'brown' MX tactile feel key switch
The Cherry MX 'brown' key switch, gives a tactile feel without the audible click of the 'blue' switch, it has a long key stroke of 4mm with the actuation point (key press) at 2mm. Easy, fast and stress-free typing, the famous features of Cherry MX tactile feel.

French Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, Keyboard - FKBN88M/FRB2

Part Number
Combi USB & PS/2
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
356 mm
135 mm
33 mm
980 g
Gross Weight
1.35 kg

French Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, Keyboard - FKBN88M/FRB2

  Fred  22/07/2020
First of all, this keyboard was sent quickly and arrived similarly, well packaged. And in these troubled times, it is a valuable thing that can be notified.
I needed a mechanical keyboard for the development, the old one being very tired. There are a multitude of keyboards out there, some probably very good, but the trend is all the same for a whole bunch of features that are totally unnecessary for me.
This keyboard therefore does not make the Christmas tree, it does not allow the programming of keys (which we can bypass much more easily with its favorite text editor), it does not have a usb port (my screen in a 2 so I don't care), the cable is not detachable (only regret) and above all it does not make coffee or tea either: it is therefore limited to being an excellent keyboard, with a keystroke fast and precise, flexible and ... restful. The whole exudes solidity. The weight isn't negligible either, and the keyboard won't budge an inch even in fiery debugging times. In brown swithes it is relatively silent even when the fingers accelerate sharply.
What more can we say except that its minimalist aspect makes it a pleasant object to look at. But that's rather very subjective. In short, I already like him a lot.
  nosheep  05/09/2017
Great product!
  Anonymous  06/04/2017
Excellent clavier, envoie rapide, rien redire !
  Sicilia42  18/03/2017
If you look for a solid and compact mechanical keyboard this keyboard filco is an excellent choice. According to me, his price costs because it is very solid. His construction is excellent. Its only small weakness lives(lies) in the quality of the keycaps which in time can fade. It is simply enough to buy a set of keycaps sold also on keyboard compagny to be quiet.
I take advantage of it to thank The keyboard Compagny for their professional and their seriousness
  Thos91  25/10/2016
Mon commentaire sera rdig en franais, aprs tout est-ce qu'un non-francophone voudrait d'un clavier azerty ??? J'ai command mon clavier jeudi reu le lundi suivant, excellent dlai de livraison. Le packaging est solide et tout est arriv sans aucun dgt. Bravo The Keyboard Company et TNT qui a assur la livraison.

La bte transpire la solidit et le design est parfait (en tout cas mon got). Le clavier est trs lourd et ne glisse absolument pas sur mon bureau. Les switch cherry MX brown sont exactement ce que je voulais. Le feedback tactile est juste gnial ! La frappe est souple, rapide et beaucoup moins fatigante que sur un clavier membrane. J'ai test le clavier en gaming (LoL et SC2) et la sensation est formidable. En plus le ct TKL rapproche sensiblement la souris du clavier et amliore la position de mes mains en jeu.

Vous allez me dire que le prix est lev et... c'est vrai ! Pas de rtroclairage, pas de touche macro... Mais c'est Filco ! C'est beau, c'est solide, c'est performant, c'est... parfait !!! Je ne regrette absolument pas mon achat. Ce clavier est juste merveilleux. Je suis mme dj en train de rflchir m'en acheter un autre pour mon travail.
  Anonymous  29/10/2018
C'est mon deuxime clavier Filco, cette fois ci en TKL (ten key less). Toujours un ravissement. Les touches ont un quilibre mcanique, sonore, tactile harmonieux. Je prfre le doigt de ce clavier flambant neuf celui de sa grande soeur. Peut tre l'un est t il plus rod ? Je recommande ce clavier quiconque cherche un mcanique franais.

There is no way anyone not french would purposefully bother buying a french layout custom made from Japon. Why write english ? To whom may it be of concern but another french ?
  Pierre V  14/09/2017
Definitely an excellent keyboard!

As reported by other reviewers, weight is a surprise, but a heavy keyboard is stable and give a strong feeling of sturdiness. The brown cherry keys and the TKL compact layout are exactly what I'm looking for about keys feeling and noise.

Another unusual element for me is the height of the keyboard: I'm used to laptop keyboards and other pretty flat keyboards with limited key displacement, and I dont feel too comfortable resting my palm on the table while typing, Ill certainly add a palm rest of few centimeters to get my resting hands more leveled with the keys.

Finally the only regret I have is the absence of backlighting, not a gamer-style rainbow flashing effects, but just simple backlight. Ive had this option on several other keyboards and I kind of miss it, but no mistake, overall this is an excellent keyboard I would recommend to anyone. Just try various cherry key mechanisms before to choose the one you prefer, its mostly a personal choice (although you may want to avoid clickynoisy keys if you're not alone around the keyboard).

  Pat  28/12/2016
Ce clavier est lourd (il ne bougera pas mme si vous tes un gros frappeur), solide, et confortable.

C'est mon premier clavier mcanique et mon premier TenKeyLess et j'en suis trs satisfait.

Je recommande vraiment, et le service de keyboardco est trs bon.


This keyboard is heavy (it won't move even if you're a heavy typer), sturdy and comfortable.

This is my first mechanical keyboard, and my first TenKeyLess, and I'm fully satisfied.

Highly recomended, and keyboardco's service is great.
  Jakdax  16/08/2016
Actually the only website where I could find a brown switch Tenkeyless Keyboard with a french layout.
Very satisfied with my purchase, very good keyboard, but this review will be more about services, which are very serious with very affordable keyboard(for this quality) and shipping prices !
The only minus would be that the order is a little bit hard to track, it's difficult to know where your package is when it's outside UK, but I don't think that Keyboardco are responsible for this.

Ps: Sorry for bad english...
  Kris  18/12/2015
A very sturdy (and surprisingly heavy) keyboard that you can feel will last for as long as you'll love it.

At around 1.35 kilos for a Tenkeyless keyboard this was the first surprise! The board feels durable and doesn't flex at all. The Cherry MX Brown's actuation bump is very responsive and feels much more reliable than a membrane keyboard (no need to press a key all the way down to activate a switch). The Tenkeyless aspect of this keyboard appealed to me more since the numpad wasn't as important to me as having a more comfortable grip between my keyboard and mouse (and buying one later is still an option).

If you're looking for a keyboard that has incredible quality (over quantity of features) then this is definitely the keyboard for you, too

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