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Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, USA, Yellow Key Keyboard



The Ten-Keyless version of the Majestouch-2
This is the 87 key version of Majestouch (the Majestouch without the number pad). With this compact keyboard, you can save space while having the same layout, and the same tactile feel as the existing Majestouch series.
You can customize your saved space by placing the 'Ten Key Keypad' (sold separately) on your left side or right side, when you feel the need.

Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, USA, Yellow Key Keyboard - FKBN87M/EY2

True N-key rollover
The functionality by which all the typed keys are recognized on the PC, even when many keys are typed simultaneously. All the keys typed simultaneously are recognized on the PS/2 port (limited to 6 keys typed simultaneously for the USB due to the specifications of USB). Completely dedicated electronic circuitry, a diode is soldered on the PCB for every key switch to prevent 'counter currency'.

Solid and stylish
The rigid case construction gives a sure and comfortable typing experience with a specially designed font, for better visibility and a stylish and long lasting appearance.

An excellent feel with the 'brown' MX tactile feel key switch
The Cherry MX 'brown' key switch, gives a tactile feel without the audible click of the 'blue' switch, it has a long key stroke of 4mm with the actuation point (key press) at 2mm. Easy, fast and stress-free typing, the famous features of Cherry MX tactile feel.

Switches tested to 50 million actuations. Yellow LED's. Gold colored Logo, Yellow Keycaps with Black Legends, and also includes a set of Blue WASD keys and a Filco keypuller to help with fitting.

Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, USA, Yellow Key Keyboard - FKBN87M/EY2

Part Number
Combi USB & PS/2
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
356 mm
135 mm
33 mm
980 g
Gross Weight
1.35 kg

Filco Majestouch-2, Tenkeyless, MX Brown Tactile, USA, Yellow Key Keyboard - FKBN87M/EY2

  Tal  15/12/2021
Great keyboard that has been very comfortable to use. I love the design and colours. I don't usually go for cherry Browns and usually use cherry Blues but despite them being less clicky I have found cherry browns a real comfortable experience. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a good mechanical keyboard!
  Bartek  09/06/2018
Filco Majestouch-2 simple the best keyboard for me. The Keyboard Company is superb , very friendly and helpful customer service and very fast delivery!!!!!!!!! I will definitely order it again in this store and I recommend it to everyone..
  woodfinger  14/03/2017
Quest for the perfect keyboard is at least almost over. I had backlighting in my wishlist, but I had to let go of that thought as I searched internet for a keyboard. Finally I decided to get the critically acclaimed Filco MT2 TKL. I really liked the yellow keycaps , but unfortunately Filco does not make this version in ISO, so I had to go with ANSI. I really hope that there would be only one physical layout in the world....


- Typing feel is excellent and consistent
- Solid build quality
- No gaming **** (except for blue WASD-keyset included... :D)
- Laser etched legends
- Yellow color variant is awesome!


- As I am from Finland and used to ISO-layout, ANSI is a bit of a pain in the butt. Especially the enter key being smaller than on ISO-board
- No backlight. It would be nice of Filco to include a simple white backlight to their next board. I don't need that RGB-stuff though...
- Keycap material somewhat slippy. Although this might be subjective, since I have very dry hands
- USB 6KRO only. Even though Filco states that this is due to USB restrictions, that is not true. USB is full NKRO capable and even though this is not exactly an issue for me, it would still be nice to have NKRO also over USB.
- No media controls. Especially volume control would be highly appreciated
  hs Jang  13/07/2016
  Ruve  31/03/2021
The Cherry MX Brown switches are my favorite switch for a while now. A few years back I bought the ninja edition of this keyboard, To this day Im still using it and very impressed with it! This is my second Filco and it does not disappoint!
This is the only keyboard youll ever need.
  Anonymous  11/03/2021
Nice!! I love its colour x
  Christer Nilsson  29/06/2017
Extremely speedy delivery!
  Anonymous  03/03/2017
Best keyboard I've ever used.
  belo  06/12/2016
I replaced my bit used Matias Tactile Pro, full sized one, white, with this beauty and I don't regret a single penny spent on it. The keys are great, very good feel, and its size is just perfect as it does not have the numeric keypad which I never used anyway which makes more space on the right side (I am right handed) for the mouse thus less effort reaching it :-) And it's much more quiet than the old one which makes my colleagues way more happy ;-) In comparison to my Matias Pro Mini Silent which I also own -- I have to say I like both of them a lot, maybe the Matias keys are a bit deeper... it's very subtle and difficult to describe.
  Anonymous  11/10/2016
Coming from mechanical RAZER keyboard, I would say this one is better in every way. Very good feel from MX Cherry browns, and both, keys and casing material.

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