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Filco Majestouch-2, MX Brown Tactile, USA Keyboard



The newest "Majestouch-2" keyboard from master keyboard makers - Filco. This Keyboard combines the high quality typing feel of Cherry MX switches, steel mounted in a rock solid body with full N-key Rollover function, all put together in a very slick package.
N-Key Rollover allows multiple simultaneous key presses to be recognized by your computer. A big help for the superfast typist or serious gamer. These keyboards just make you want to type.

Filco Majestouch-2, MX Brown Tactile, USA Keyboard - FKBN104M/EB2

  • Tactile feel, ergonomic click action (Brown switch)
  • Gold contacts
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 2.0mm actuation point
  • 55g ~ 2oz actuating force keyswitch
  • Switches tested to 50 million actuations
  • Blue LED's

Filco Majestouch-2, MX Brown Tactile, USA Keyboard - FKBN104M/EB2

Part Number
Combi USB & PS/2
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
440 mm
138 mm
36 mm
1.24 kg
Gross Weight
1.7 kg

Filco Majestouch-2, MX Brown Tactile, USA Keyboard - FKBN104M/EB2

  P A   25/01/2022
I've owned two Filco keyboards with Cherry MX Brown switches, and I've not yet found anything to complain about. They're fantastic keyboards.

Shipping from the Keyboard Co was fast, and the keyboard was well packed.
  Pawel  08/07/2021
I'm very happy with this keyboard. It's very simple but solid and I really like the Cherry MX Brown switches. Case is metal - a rock solid keyboard for everyday use.
  Alex  02/04/2020
Really like this keyboard, own two now due to working from home.
Very good build quality and have not had any problems with it at all.

Only thing missing is a tool to remove the keys in case you want to clean inside.
However you can easily remove the keys with a bent paper clip so I don't mind.


  Adam  26/02/2020
I finally got myself to order one of these after considering it for a year or two. I was hesitating because of the price (compared to Japan) + shipping from the UK. But what the hell, we only live once, so why wouldn't I spoil myself with something nice once in a while.

Coming from a rubber dome low profile keyboard I used for the past 15 years or so, it's a completely different world. Brown switches feel just like I imagined (I have nothing to compare it to except some Razer with MX Blues I tried at my friend a few years ago) and the typing sounds so satisfying it makes me want to ramble nonsense so I can type more and more. The keyboard is heavy and will NOT move anywhere. It feels solid like a brick, no bending, no flex, nothing.

I use it with included PS2 adapter, N-Key rollover test showed 38 or so keys at once, I did not bother to try for more for obvious reasons.

Shipping to EU was 5 working days (shipped the same day as I placed the order), packaging was nice and secure. Included nail file and beer coaster from the seller are a nice little touch and actually useful for me (that reminds me I should get a beer).

No complaints so far after using it for 1 hour (haha), except for missing multimedia keys and calculator shortcut key (but I knew exactly what I'm buying, so it's fine). The lower-tier quality plastic used in keys, that some reviews are mentioning, might be a valid concern for the price, but the keyboard costs only 100 EUR in Japan, and for that price, I'd say it's impossible to beat. Import duties and shipping costs are not Filco's fault.

Thanks to The Keyboard Company for pleasant purchase. Like the guy before me mentioned it's not easy to find one with US layout in Europe, so I'm glad there is a company that stocks it and is very legit at the same time. And if you are still hesitating after carefully weighing all its pros and cons order it now, you will think last year was too late after getting your hands on it!
  Sebastian  12/07/2021
I'm very happy with my purchase, it's the best build quality i ever got on a keyboard, MX browns switches feels amazing, keycaps are great, stabs are also great.

Shipping was really fast from Uk to France.
If you're considering buying a high quality keyboard Filco is made for you
(and if you want a nail file buy it here)

  Webbos  01/05/2020
I've had this exact keyboard since 2008, when they were still manufactured in Japan, i assume they are today as well?
Best keyboard possible, just needs (as much as any mechanical keyboard) - 1 time year cleaning job and it keeps typing and typing.
Amazing product
  Z A  31/12/2016
I needed a full size ANSI layout keyboard for my workplace, and having gone through the cheap mass-produced office keyboards, I decided it was time for a change of pace. After having done my research and deciding on what I wanted, I purchased the Majestouch 2 by Filco. Delivery was on-time as expected and the item arrived well-packaged.

Compared to the keyboards I'm used to, this is a superb product! The keyboard feels solid and well-built. It does not slip around on my desk. The legs don't look like they'll break in two weeks. The keys feel weighty and are a joy to type on. The Cherry Browns are not as loud as Blues, and I have not heard any complaints from co-workers. Which is good, because I plan to use this keyboard for a long time. I have noticed that my typing speed has increased after using this keyboard.

Some minor points that don't detract too much from the overall positives. I would have preferred if the cable was detachable, as a lot of modern keyboards are coming with that option. I am a bit worried about the cable getting pulled etc, and having to open up the board to plug in a new one. Also, while typing I do notice a very slight ringing. But that is probably normal in mechanical keyboards, and I'm just nitpicking.

This did come with a PS2 connector but I have not tested it, nor have I checked n-key rollover. Mostly because I don't need it at work.

I am absolutely thrilled that Keyboard Company stocks USANSI layouts. It is hard enough finding them through regular PC shops. Overall I would definitely recommend this product to anyone considering it.

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