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USA Filco Convertible 3 Bluetooth Tenkeyless MX Brown Tactile Keyboard


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Mechanical keyboard with CHERRY MX switches which supports Bluetooth (version 5.1) and USB connections. Bluetooth version 5.1 has improved communication speed and stability while reducing power consumption. It also has a 'USB through port (Type-A)' that can be used when connecting via USB.
The keyboard can be used via Bluetoth and powered by the USB-C port.

£170.00 (£141.67 ex VAT) 

USA Filco Convertible 3 Bluetooth Tenkeyless MX Brown Tactile Keyboard - FKBC87M/EB3

Bluetooth(ver 5.1) 4ch + USB(Type-A to Type-C)
With Bluetooth (version 5.1) connection, not only PCs but also various devices such as smartphones and tablets up to 4 devices can be registered, and can switch between them with one touch. Including the USB connection, you can freely use up to 5 devices.

'Passed down unwavering belief' German CHERRY MX switch adopted
Majestouch Convertible series, same as Majestouch series, is a mechanical keyboard equipped with genuine CHERRY MX switches for each key.

Ultimate evolution in pursuit of usability
In the old model, it was necessary to press the recessed switch with the tip of the pen or press multiple keys to perform pairing and switching devices, but Convertible 3 allows you to make those settings with a single touch by consolidating them into dedicated Bluetooth buttons. In addition, to prevent accidental button presses, we have adopted a highly usable frame design considering placement and installation location.

Added variation of key function switching
Convertible 3 can change the key code by operating the DIP switch on the back of the main unit. In addition to changing the common functions of switches (dip switches 1, 2 and 3) for Convertible series, you can now choose from 4 patterns for the Fn key layout by using dip switches 4 and 5. In addition, a simple Mac mode function has been added with dip switch 6, and a power saving mode disable function has been added to dip switch 7. Replacement key cap and key puller are included for use when changing the key code.

Dip switch settings

  • 1 - Windows key and Applications (App) key, are locked and cannot be used
  • 2 - Changes CapsLock key and left Ctrl key
  • 3 - Changes Esc key and [` ~] key
  • 4 & 5 - Changes the position of the keys to the right of space
  • 6 - Mac-specific mode
  • 7 - Power saving mode ON/OFF

Mac-specific mode
Function making closer to the layout and key operations of the macOS standard keyboard. When switch (6) is turned ON, the target key will be replaced with a Mac-specific function. The simple Mac mode function is pre-engraved on the front face of the keycaps.

Includes: Keyboard, Detachable USB Cable(1.8m USB-C to USB A), 2 x AA batteries, FILCO key puller, Extra Keycap, User Manual

USA Filco Convertible 3 Bluetooth Tenkeyless MX Brown Tactile Keyboard - FKBC87M/EB3

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
87 + 5
Switch Type
358 mm
152 mm
42 mm
1 kg
Mac and PC
Gross Weight
1.4 kg

USA Filco Convertible 3 Bluetooth Tenkeyless MX Brown Tactile Keyboard - FKBC87M/EB3

  E  29/02/2024
Beautiful keyboard. Simple look. Straightforward Bluetooth pairing. I got the one with brown switches. I used brown switches before but this one feels better, maybe due to the key caps. Enjoy every key press, backspace and enter and space have their own personalities. Joy to use.
  David J  01/11/2023
I've been using a Filco Convertible 2 for 3 years now and love it, but I found that it was a bit too clicky to use on my many daily Zoom calls. I therefore decided to buy a Filco Convertible 3 Brown so I get the great typing feel without the noise. Both Filcos are very well built and a pleasure to use so I have no hesitation in recommending them. Now I have a new keyboard I was able to take time to remove all the keys from my old one and give it a good clean. It now looks like new and I am sure both will offer me many, many years more service. Money well spent for a daily keyboard user.

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