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UK CHERRY MX-Board 6.0 Pro Aluminum Backlit Mechanical Keyboard



Maximum performance thanks to the latest precision technology
With its RealKey-technology, the MX Board 6.0 achieves unmatched performance. Thanks to an analogue signal path, all buttons are connected directly to the controller, so there is no need for digital scanning of the switching points. The MX Board 6.0 can rapidly transmit signals to the PC in less than a millisecond and is ideally suited for situations where response time is crucial.

UK CHERRY MX-Board 6.0 Pro Aluminum Backlit Mechanical Keyboard - G80-3930LYBGB-2

In contrast, conventional mechanical keyboards works much slower and need around 20 milliseconds because of their signal conversion. More so, RK-technology allows for a full N-key rollover and 100 percent reliable anti-ghosting. CHERRY ensures that all keys can be read simultaneously, actively preventing any erroneous interpretation of the signal inputs.

Proven MX technology
The MX Board 6.0 has been fully equipped with its own, German engineered, high-quality gold-crosspoint switches, which have a lifespan of more than 50 million operations, allowing CHERRY to guarantee the highest precision when triggered. The new performance keyboard utilizes red switches, which operate without tactile feedback and minimal resistance. The linear actuation force is 45 centinewton. Each switch is also equipped with a red LED. This gives the MX Board 6.0 an even backlight with brightness control. The matching laser-engraved keycaps are optimized to achieve perfect illumination. CHERRY has accomplished this by using higher key caps, like with the G80-3000. With this change, unwanted illumination of the key gaps are eliminated.

Feature set for enthusiasts
In order to make long-term use more comfortable, users can attach an included rubberized palm rest. Its easy handling is guaranteed thanks to a sophisticated mounting magnet system, allowing the palm rest to quickly be removed for cleaning or stowing. CHERRY is catering to enthusiasts with the configurable Windows key, bi-color status keys and twelve function keys that can be assigned with two different functions.

Purist design and excellent craftmanship
Despite its eye-catching backlight, the MX Board 6.0 features a basic and puristic design. CHERRY has chosen for a high-quality 454 x 147 x 24,8 mm housing. The upper side is made of aluminum with a sanded finish; a grease-repellent coating ensures high resistance against everyday influences. The high quality of the keyboard is complemented by its textile braided, two-meter long USB-cable.

UK CHERRY MX-Board 6.0 Pro Aluminum Backlit Mechanical Keyboard - G80-3930LYBGB-2

Part Number
Cable length
2 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
105 + 4
Switch Type
454 mm
147 mm
28 mm
1.4 kg
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
2.3 kg

UK CHERRY MX-Board 6.0 Pro Aluminum Backlit Mechanical Keyboard - G80-3930LYBGB-2

  Jon Coldwell  24/06/2017
Well, a couple of months on and I have got used to this keyboard. I say that because initially I found it a bit too sensitive resulting in multiple kkkeystrokess.
Now I love it. My typing speed has increased and the typos are a thing of the past. This really is a professional job a satisfying click and a really good 'feel' to it. Not quite as solid as the keyboard on the HP9816 computer I had, but that was thirty years ago when HP oozed quality. I thought for a long time before spending so much money on a keyboard but yes, I made the right decision. Highly recommended.
  Keyboard lover  11/01/2017
I really, really love this keyboard.

As a whole, it feels very satisfyingly sturdy (I described it to a friend as I could probably kill a man with this thing, and it would be none the worse for wear).

The key response is excellent, to the point that I now type far more lightly than I used to as a result - my old keyboard was half-broken and I had to almost bash the keys to get a result, whereas with this one, if I so much as rest my hands on the keys a little too heavily, it types. It still gets a bit... machine-gun-y... when I'm typing really fast, but that's more of a function of how fast I type and the fact that I have no dampers installed.

The removable palm rest is excellent; while it can get a bit dingy quite quickly because it's rubbery (and I have a cat), it's really easy to clean, and I love the magnet attachment making it really fast to put on and off. I can just pull it off temporarily if I need the extra space in front of my keyboard, and put it back on once I'm done. My only niggle is it's a bit bendy in the middle where it attaches to the keyboard.

I had an issue getting it to actually work when I first connected it to my computer, but that turned out to be not the fault of the keyboard itself, but rather the drivers for my old keyboard (a Logitech) misbehaving, and I'm only mentioning this here in case someone else runs into the same issue.

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