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UK CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 Pro Keyboard, Red Switch NKR


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Extremely robust professional keyboard for fast and precise input.

The CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 captivates with it's world-exclusive use of Gold Crosspoint contacts in the MX modules, ensuring perfect and extremely fast keystrokes.
This professional, maximum-precision keyboard is even sturdier and more robust than its predecessor, making it the perfect partner for every type of exacting input imaginable.

£74.99 (£62.49 ex VAT) 

UK CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 Pro Keyboard, Red Switch NKR - G80-3850LYDGB-2

Key benefits

  • Original CHERRY MX module: Quality "Made in Germany" proven effective billions of times
  • MX module with Gold Crosspoint contacts for reliable contact capability and exemplary responsiveness
  • N-key rollover: Simultaneous operations of up to 14 keys without any key ghosting effects
  • Professional quality with a perfect key stroke: 50 million operations for each key
  • The integrated metal plate and extensive anti-slip protection ensure it remains robust
  • Win-Key lock: Windows buttons can be disabled to prevent inadvertent operation
  • 4 additional keys

UK CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 Pro Keyboard, Red Switch NKR - G80-3850LYDGB-2

Part Number
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
105 + 4
Switch Type
446 mm
158 mm
28 mm
830 g
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
1.22 kg

UK CHERRY MX-Board 3.0 Pro Keyboard, Red Switch NKR - G80-3850LYDGB-2

  rh8mpo  06/01/2024
Surprisingly disappointed with this keyboard - the key action just doesn't feel nice, travel distance is too long, and it's noisy.
  Peter  28/04/2023
The site offers a truly excellent selection of products. This is my second purchase from this firm and it was for my teenage son who is delighted with his new keyboard - as well as with the price! The packaging was superb and the complementary coasters much appreciated.
I have had occasion to contact the firm by telephone twice and each time I have received a friendly, efficient and helpful response.
  Michael  26/08/2022
Very good keyboard and good value for what it is. The action on the red-switched keys is pleasant to use. The keyboard also has an option to disable the Windows key, which I like a lot.

The service from the Keyboard Co. was outstanding.
  Gerald  30/07/2021
Forgot to mention excellent prompt delivery from the Keyboard Company
  Hazel  22/02/2021
Very happy with Keyboard Co. Good service, good prices quick delivery, well packed and courteous. Also happy with the keyboard itself. I type a lot and this keyboard is light enough that it's no effort but I like the positivity of the keys in comparison to membrane. It's not as quiet as I expected but is acceptable. All in all, top class.
  Pete  30/06/2020
I owned this kb for a couple of years and managed to break in with a split coke sadly. However I cannot recommend it enough, I just bought an SK650 and while the backlighting is much fancier, the keycaps are so much harder to use. The keycaps on this cherry board are great, clear feedback as you slide your finger from one key to the next and whether a key has been pressed or not.
  Tim W  22/05/2023
A superb keyboard: a nice feel, very responsive and it feels well made.
  Peter  26/04/2023
Excellent service from The Keyboard Co.: very friendly and helpful response to my telephone call; delivered on time in robust packaging which included a useful little mat for a cup or mug.
Very pleased with this keyboard after my old membrane - which had developed a quaint habit of multiplying a number of letters on the keyboard with each stroke.
  DavidC  11/01/2022
Early days, and the keyboard is slightly different to the previous one, but I'm really liking the feel and responsiveness of the keyboard. Very happy so far.
  Gerald  30/07/2021
Loving my Cherry Red keyboard. I have used wireless keyboards for years. Recently suffering key dropouts, so that I could never tell whether my typing would be reflected on screen. Now all my gems are faithfully recorded. Has speeded up my work.
  n1msr  29/08/2020
First impressions were great keypboard, then I went off it for a while back to my soggy membrane keyboard, but now back with this great Cherry Red key mechanical keyboard. I cannot touch type, so I always make typos - no keyboard will fix that!

One thing I did not realise was how the membrane keyboard was causing my left hand pain. Went away when I went back to the Cherry. Recommended, although you might be mesemerised by the range of colour Cherry keys that you can get with the various models.

Also, great service from keyboard co. Responded to my queries promptly and the keyboard arrived in the time specified.

Thank you.
  Anonymous  01/05/2020
Been using it for a week. Shallow travel, exactly what I wanted. Hasn't improved my speed on anymore than normal (~70WPM). Dispatch was quick, but Royal Mail slowed the delivery down because it went round the houses, so it arrived after ~4 days rather than 2.

The keyboard registers as unknown device in MacOS under karabiner elements.

Happy with the service and the keyboard.


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