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atom66 Capacitive Bluetooth Programmable 60% Keyboard


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Welcome to the atom66 the smallest keyboard in the NiZ family.

  • New 2019 switch
  • New mold-opening aluminum alloy fixing plate
  • New Bluetooth module, reducing latency

The atom66 is a 66 key 60% keyboard with a similar layout to Filco's Minila and the HHKB keyboard, it can connect via USB and Bluetooth (3 different BT devices) and switch with a key press.

£132.00 (£110.00 ex VAT) 

atom66 Capacitive Bluetooth Programmable 60% Keyboard - NIZ66-034

The atom66 uses 35g Electro Capacitive switching similar to Topre switching but with the addition of being compatible with Cherry MX keycaps. Also included are 40+ additional 10g/20g springs that can be added under a keycap to increase the switch weight.

The keycaps are white and grey PBT with dark grey legends, the 2 function keys work the some on most of the keys but on the top row they perform different actions, ie left FN+8 is F8, right FN+8 is Bluetooth device 1, the layout is programmable, and on the left side of the keyboard is an on/off button (hold for 3 seconds.)

Included is a detachable USB C to standard USB A white braided cable, this plugs in under the keyboard, a wire keypuller, 4 Mac keys for Mac mode, a double size (standard size) backspace key, some replacement stabilizers (Filco style), a replacement on/off button and a dedicated USB transceiver.

The dedicated USB transceiver should work with this keyboard on any device that supports the USB-HID keyboard protocol (standard USB keyboard protocol), Bluetooth support is not needed, WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10, Linux, Mac, Ios, Android and other operating systems including BIOS operations. It will only work with your Niz keyboard.

Bluetooth compatibility, I had problems connecting to a CSR V4.0 Bluetooth adaptor but the keyboard connected fine to my Galaxy Tab A with V4.2 Bluetooth.

atom66 Capacitive Bluetooth Programmable 60% Keyboard - NIZ66-034

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.5 Metre
Language Layout
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
298 mm
109 mm
36 mm
600 g
PC & Mac
Gross Weight
900 g

atom66 Capacitive Bluetooth Programmable 60% Keyboard - NIZ66-034

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