Corona Virus Situation.

It seems we may be in for months of disruption due to Corona Virus. We would firstly like to offer our thoughts to all our customers, suppliers and anyone who is suffering directly and all those feeling stress and affected indirectly by the wider effects.

Anyone who is working for the NHS is particularly in our thoughts, and we are most grateful for their selfless work and sacrifice.

We are trying to keep to business as usual as much as possible. We will be doing much of our work from home as it seems responsible to remove people from the chain of infection. We have a small team who will remain on-site to keep goods moving and in this way we hope to continue service through all but the very worst scenario.

Email and electronic communications are no issue in this, the only area that may be sub par is telephone support. The system in house is the main one people call and there may not be enough people to attend to this so apologies if you call and get no answer - we have added a mobile number and whatsapp to our contact page and in this way we hope to keep communications open.

We are confident in our plans to keep goods moving and orders taken care of. Our suppliers are all confident they can keep stock coming and the carriers world wide are still delivering.

It seems sensible to reduce as far as possible the amount of visits we have to our premises so if you are thinking of coming in, please contact us first. Not to mention the infection risk, it is also going to disrupt the guys doing the logistics work here.

Good Luck and Stay Safe.


UPDATE: Friday 20th March 2020

All our operations are holding up really well and shipments are shipping as normal.
Carriers are making deliveries as normal.
The only areas we are not sure about are Spain and Italy.
UK is 100% fine.
Rest of Europe and Rest of World, we are informed there may be some delays of a day or two but goods are getting through.