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Switch Lubricant Klube 105


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The carefully formulated K-Series lubricants are perfect for your personal keyboard tuning.

Klube 105 is a switch lubricant that is quite liquidy and allows you to easily lubricate the switch springs and the inner switch housing for smoother switches.

The correct application of switch lubricant involves dissasembeling the switch itself and applying the lubricant to the inner workings of the switch with a brush.

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Switch Lubricant Klube 105 - KLUBE-105

Please note: The lubrication results will vary depending on personal use. It is not the case that adding more lube will yield better results.

  • Volume: 10ml
  • Viscosity Index: 124
  • Pour Point: -36C
  • Colour: Transparent

Caution: Clean and air dry the grease area before use. Close the tub after use to prevent contamination. Do not mix with other grease. Stored in a clean, dry area away from light.

Switch Lubricant Klube 105 - KLUBE-105

Part Number
30 g
Gross Weight
30 g

Switch Lubricant Klube 105 - KLUBE-105

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