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Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module


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The Matias Quiet Tactile Switches are virtually identical to the classic simplified white Alps switches, with a similar force curve and activation force.

£0.78 (£0.65 ex VAT)

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module - KS101Q

However they are quieter and the lifespan of the Matias switches is longer, with 50,000,000 actuations (compared to the original spec of the classic white Alps, which was 10,000,000 actuations).
The Matias Quiet Tactile Switches are quieter than other mechanical keyboards, and have a sound level similar to a regular non-mechanical keyboard, they are quieter for two main reasons:
1) The switches have internal rubber sound dampeners, that drastically reduce the impact noise on the downstroke AND the upstroke.
2) The metal tactile leaf on the quiet switches is held stationary to eliminate the click noise. On the clicky switches, it's loose.
  • Contact Mechanism: Metal Leaf
  • Keycap Mount: Alps Mount
  • Switch Mount: Plate Mount
  • Activation Force: 60g 5g
  • Life Span: 50,000,000 actuations

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module - KS101Q

Part Number
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Matias Quiet Click
16 mm
16 mm
19 mm
10 g
Matias keyboards
Gross Weight
10 g

Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module - KS101Q

  Marc Chambon  05/02/2019
Great quality! (require some (de)soldering experience)
  bamdad  09/01/2018
Great switch, especially the new generation that has less inconsistencies and wobble. Also, the packaging, delivery and all-around service was excellent. The only thing I was missing is an option for a 100 switch pack - sometimes 200 is too much..

All in all, both Matias products and the Keyboard Company are highly recommended.
  Jakub Jindra  08/07/2016
  Maciej  02/01/2019
I had a cleaning accident with my Matias keyboard and had to replace one broken switch. As always, Keyboard company delivered great service. I cannot recommend them enough!
  Anonymous  13/01/2017
Hard to replace in the Matias keyboard, instructions are not readily available (someone should make a video of how to take it apart). Some soldering experience required, but that wasn't a problem for me. The switch is working pretty well, no reason to give less than 5 stars. (A greater problem was that I did not have proper soldering equipment at hand)

A difference that I noticed between this switch and the stock switches (that came with my keyboard) is that this switch has a tiny dab of transparent plasticelasticrubbery material at the bottom where the shaft would touch the bottom of the key, as if it is extra dampening. I guess this is a change Matias made to this design since I bought the keyboard in 2015. I bought 5 switches now, and this difference was present in all of them. I do think it is a small improvement.

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