KBC-GTKP03 - Beige USB GoldTouch Hub Keypad

Beige USB GoldTouch Hub Keypad

The GoldTouch keypad, beige, USB with built in 2 port USB hub has a total of 22 keys, it has the standard 17 number pad keys plus a '00', an Escape, a Tab, a backspace and a Shift/Fn key. The Fn key also gives all the keys a second function.
The keypad has brown, tactile, Cherry MX mechanical switches, and it's Num Lock status is independent from the systems making it perfect for use with embedded keypad keyboards.

Connection. USB Height. 36 mm
Cable. 1.5 Metre Length. 152 mm
Number of Buttons.   18 Depth.   95 mm
Compatible. PC and MAC   Weight.   160 g