E6700B - Ultra Slim Black Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

Ultra Slim Black Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

This Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard is perfect for today's mobile world of business and communication - the ideal solution for anyone who needs to type and communicate a lot on the go. Simply pair the E6700 with your Bluetooth-equipped device and start typing or mousing. Thanks to its extremely compact size, this keyboard is easy to tuck away.

Bluetooth transmission
Wireless and energy-saving: The E6700 wirelessly connects with your tablet, laptop and almost any other Bluetooth-enabled device that supports keyboards, using the very energy-efficient Bluetooth standard.

Ultra-slim 5.6 mm design
Slimline and rugged: The award-winning ultra-slim 5.6 mm design makes this keyboard a real eye-catcher while the metal housing offers stability and durability.

Multimedia keys
Everything under control: The multimedia keys on the top row of the keyboard give you quick and convenient access to multimedia functions, and F1 - F12 with the FN key.

Connection. Bluetooth Height. 14 mm
Cable. 80cm charging Length. 333 mm
Number of Buttons.   82 Depth.   101 mm
Compatible. PC and Mac   Weight.   280 g