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UK Topre Realforce 88UB 45g Key Black on Black Tenkeyless Keyboard


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Now available for the first time and exclusively produced for The Keyboard Company, the Topre Realforce88UB keyboard, in United Kingdom layout, is a joy to type on. It incorporates Topre's patented 30 million key life cycle non-contact electrostatic capacitance switches with a switch weight of 45g. The subtle black on black keycaps with their tactile feel and N Key Rollover ensure fast and accurate input.

£210.00 (£175.00 ex VAT) 

UK Topre Realforce 88UB 45g Key Black on Black Tenkeyless Keyboard - YA21B0

Included are yellow with black print W, A, S and D keys, a key puller and 4 key collars (used to disable keys).

UK Topre Realforce 88UB 45g Key Black on Black Tenkeyless Keyboard - YA21B0

Part Number
Cable length
1.6 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
366 mm
168 mm
40 mm
1.2 kg
PC and MAC (Mac's may experience limited functionality)
Gross Weight
1.5 kg

UK Topre Realforce 88UB 45g Key Black on Black Tenkeyless Keyboard - YA21B0

  Binh  25/01/2019
I have this keyboard for over a week now and I can say it is growing on me. I like it.

As mentioned in several other reviews already, it is very different to MX Cherry Switch. I really didn't like it at first (or first touch) but after a few days I start to get used to it. My first keyboard was a Filco Cherry Brown from Keyboardco 10 years ago! Had other Cherry switches since then but this is just different type of good.

Can't say I'd recommend on a heartbeat due to the price. But if you already owned other Cherry switches and want to try something new and different, this Topre keyboard is worth it.
  Tom  20/03/2018
If you're a programmer, buy this keyboard. Cherry switches don't even come close to this.
  c3rt  11/02/2018
After not owning a single mechanical or topre keyboard and always using the membrane one (mostly at work) I have to say it feels amazing.

Typing on this keyboard is effortless, feedback is amazing and now I finally understand why people love these. Found the extra four yellow keys great, but would be also nice if these keycap sets were available somewhere.

Many thanks keyboard company for the fast delivery!
  Peter  04/06/2017
The Realforce keyboard is of high quality and it is very enjoyable to use.

I also own an IBM Model M buckling spring keyboard and a Ducky One with MX Blue, but the Topre keyboard will be my daily driver, because of the reduced noise level. There is still a clacking sound from the upstroke of the keyboard, but it is approximately at the same level as a cheap rubber dome keyboard, which is a good thing.

The keycaps on the Realforce keycaps have a nice slightly rough texture to them and feel less flimsy than the ones on my Ducky keyboard. The black on black legends can be hard to read in dark rooms, but in a proper lit office environment it is not a problem.

The 45g weighting of the keys feels similar to the MX Blue keys, perhaps a tiny bit lighter, but still offers a good level of tactility. For all day use I think the buckling spring model M becomes straining to use, while the MX blue and the 45g Topre switches are fine to use all day.

No problems with my order from keyboard company.
  GT  26/04/2017
I have been down a very long and winding road in the world of mechanical keyboard ownership. My first mechanical keyboard, you could say, was in 1991 when we had an IBM Model 55 PS2 computer in the house. Buckling spring was pretty much all the rage back in those days. For a very long time since then I was unable to find a keyboard that would replicate it and to be honest wasn't something I thought about.

I managed to buy a Unicomp keyboard some years ago but was unimpressed with what I really still believe to this day is the holy grail of mechanical keyboards. However, that being said, buckling spring has one main disadvantage in the modern day office if anyone is looking to reprise one of these into daily use, and that is noise. Truly, they offend the eardrums of most non-mechanical keyboard users, who simply do not understand.

Anyway, all this aside, there must be a mechanical keyboard that is fit for the modern day, and after many years of using Cherry MX Brown and Blue switches - (coincidentally, Filco Majestouch keyboards both procured from the Keyboard Company some years ago) - I thought I had found my utopia in the Happy Hacking Keyboard which I went to some lengths to import from Japan.

The Topre keyswitch is indeed the ultimate in my opinion, but I could not get on with the form factor. Then, finally, after months of waiting, the Topre Realforce is finally back in stock. I immediately ordered one as soon as I had the chance...

The keyboard arrived promptly, as usual with the excellent service from KBC. Inside the outer box used to deliver it, was another, nondescript cardboard box, with a simple label on the side detailing the contents. Clearly Topre have not invested money in shiny packaging, leading me to believe that my 210 has gone into the keyboard.

After liberating the keyboard from it's container, I immediately notice the weight. The Topre Realforce is a plate mounted keyboard, so does carry some heft. I like it, it feels solid, the plastic is solid, and the key action is simply sublime. Quiet enough to be acceptable, and with a tactile feel that is, in my opinion, far superior to that of the Cherry lines (and not to disrespect Cherry - they are fine switches!), Topre is where it is at.

The cost is very high, but this is for a very good reason. You are not simply buying a keyboard, you are investing in an extremely high quality instrument for commanding ones computer.

I am very pleased with the keyboard, and the excellent service from KBC.

Many thanks
  Rogalian  14/11/2018
It's a fantastic keyboard, the best I've used, vastly superior to Cherry switches and a pleasure to type on but it's not perfect.

The colour scheme is not good.

Black on black is great if you only ever need to hit keys using muscle memory. If you're oriented in a different position from your normal, it becomes a bit of a hunt and peck fest in anything other than bright, direct light. Whitegrey legends on the keys would be a far better idea and I'd not have to be finding a way of replacing the whole keyset.

  AM  26/06/2018
This is one seriously good keyboard.
Built quality is great, typing is a pleasure.
Totally happy with it, planning to buy another one soon!
Thank you Keyboard Company ^.^
  Narek  30/11/2017
I'm a long time mechanical keyboard user, started with Filco MX Blues, tried Browns and Reds. Blue's were my favourite, never found the Browns tactile enough and I love tactile keys.

Topre are now my favourite switches, I spent a very long time deciding whether I they were worth trying because of the high asking price. But they completely are, if they work for you. I can't decide between the lighter and faster 45g switches and the heaver more tactile 55g switches. Both are really great, you wouldn't go wrong with either.

I think the 45g are probably easier to live with for day to day longer term so I would recommend them to anyone who likes tactile switches. Topre switches are completely different to Cherry MX and I can now understand why Topre users find Cherry MX switches gritty, especially Browns.

I'd also like to thank KeyboardCo for a flawless service and providing top customer service as always!
  Greg  10/04/2017
Enjoying using the Topre Realforce, the keyboard is extremely high quality and I think the black on black keys look very sleek.

As for typing, I have to say I much prefer the feel and sound of the Topre switches compared to my old MX Brown Filco.

I'd say for gaming Cherry MX switches are more suited, but the Topre's are more than capable.
  Tom RH  29/03/2017
Very pleased with my Realforce 88UB. The Topre action is great, very nice key finish, outstanding build (it is built like a tank!) and great looks. Also nice and quiet - so happy colleagues too!

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