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Filco Convertible 2 Tenkeyless MX Brown Tactile UK ISO Keyboard


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The Convertible 2 Tenkeyless keyboard from master keyboard makers - Filco. This keyboard is 'convertible' from a USB wired keyboard to a Bluetooth wireless keyboard, and you don't even need to unplug it from your PC. It combines the high quality typing feel of Cherry MX switches, steel mounted in a rock solid body all put together in a very slick package. These keyboards just make you want to type, now on all of your devices.

£140.00 (£116.67 ex VAT) 

Filco Convertible 2 Tenkeyless MX Brown Tactile UK ISO Keyboard - FKBC88M/UKB2

  • Switch between 5 different devices, 4 Bluetooth and 1 USB
  • Tactile feel, ergonomic click action (Brown switch)
  • Rear mounted DIP switch located at the base of the keyboard
    1. Lock Windows and Application keys
    2. Swap CapsLock and left Ctrl keys
    3. Swap Esc and [`] keys
    4. Swaps Fn with Windows/App key
  • Gold contacts
  • 4.0mm travel
  • 2.0mm actuation point
  • 55g ~ 2oz actuating force keyswitch
  • Switches tested to 50 million actuations
Average battery life is about 6 months based on 5 hours use a day, the keyboard can be used without batteries, powered by a USB charger or PC.

Includes: Keyboard, detachable cable, velcro cable tie, extra keys, keypuller, 2 x AA batteries, dust cover and manual

Bluetooth adaptor NOT included.

Filco Convertible 2 Tenkeyless MX Brown Tactile UK ISO Keyboard - FKBC88M/UKB2

Part Number
USB & Bluetooth
Cable length
1.8 Metre
Language Layout
United Kingdom
Number of keys/buttons
Switch Type
Cherry MX Brown
356 mm
135 mm
33 mm
980 g
PC USB and Bluetooth devices
Gross Weight
1.35 kg

Filco Convertible 2 Tenkeyless MX Brown Tactile UK ISO Keyboard - FKBC88M/UKB2

  David H  27/10/2018
A really solid bit of kit. The MX brown keys give all the feedback you need. Feel and sound precise.

I use mine with a Mac. It was a simple matter of reassigning the Alt and Windows keys to match the Mac keyboard layout. The page up. page down, home, end and delete keys all work so an improvement on the Macpro keyboard.

Great service from The Keyboard Co.

I will be ordering a set of Mac keycaps as soon as they are back in stock, although I have had no issues using the keys as they are.

  Vivan  09/07/2018
I have been using a Filco Majestouch 2 as my main keyboard for 6 years. It is a wonderful keyboard and just as good now as it was when I bought it 6 years ago.

As always happens with these things, I wanted an upgrade. But how do you upgrade something that is perfect? The main things I was looking for with a new keyboard was to be wireless and tenkeyless. Given how amazing the Majestouch 2 is, I hoped for a wireless, tenkeyless Majestouch 2.

After much nagging, Filco have finally produced it, in the form of the Convertible 2 TKL.

It feels exactly like the Majestouch 2 - heavy and solid with great build quality. It is a pleasure to type on, and Bluetooth pairing is very easy. I use it on my PC (wired), laptop (BT) and phone (BT) and it works perfectly. There is no noticeable input lag when using it via Bluetooth, which was my one worry about going the wireless route.

My only qualms about the board are:
1. For some bizarre reason, the function key to increase volume is on the left of the decrease volume key. This is the opposite of the established standard. Fortunately this doesn't really affect me as I don't plan on using those keys anyway.
2. The keycaps are the standard Filco keycaps. While they're not bad, they're not perfect. I will be swapping them out very soon for some nice PBT engraved caps.

Neither of these is a dealbreaker, and so if you are looking for a tenkeyless wireless keyboard, the Filco Convertible 2 is probably the best on the market.

If you are looking at getting a wired Majestouch 2, I would actually just recommend getting the Convertible 2 (full-size or tenkeyless, depending on your needs). It is basically the same keyboard, but with the added benefit of wireless as an option. Even if you don't want to use the wireless functionality, the fact that the cable is detachable on the Convertible 2 is a massive upgrade. The cable for the Majestouch 2 is fixed to the board which means that if you happen to need a longer or shorter USB cable you have no real choices.
  Dag B  12/10/2018
Ordered a Filco Convertible TKL ISO and a set of blank keycaps. Ordering experience and service from Keyboardco was 10/10.

The keyboard looks and feels great. My touch-typing ability is improving already. Now also getting to learn the keyboard shortcuts of all my favorite applications. Hardware is 10/10.

I am primarily using the keyboard with bluetooth under Linux, where it works as well as any other keyboard. I expect the majorshiny distros just make it work out of the box. For anyone rolling with something esoteric (or a custom kernel), I suggest googling 'gentoo bluetooth keyboard' and 'arch linux bluetooh keyboard'. Not difficult at all.

In addition, I found that having two keyboards connected to my PC (for instance a built-in laptop keyboard and a bluetooth keyboard) works well, but that the input layer got really confused when I hit 'Caps Lock' on either keyboard. I worked around this in X11 by disabling Caps Lock in my keyboard map. Apply this with xmodmap:

remove Lock = Caps_Lock
keysym Caps_Lock = 0x0000

Switching the keyboard input to be directed at my android phone works perfectly.
Functionality is 10/10.

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