KBC-3500C - Black Left-Handed Programmable Keyboard

Black Left-Handed Programmable Keyboard

This programmable Left handed keyboard fulfils a long felt need, providing the most convenient layout for people who are naturally left-handed.
The keyboard has a brushed anodized metal frame with full height hybrid mechanical/membrane key switches, and it's 2nd layer can be hardware programmed (no software required) with macros as the user requires.

  • USB 'plug and play' connection with durable braided cable
  • Black case, black keys, white legends
  • Manufactured with a sleek modern brushed metal faceplate with bevelled edge
  • High life cycle hybrid mechanical/membrane sealed contact key switches offering durability and tactile feel
  • Compatible with Cherry MX style keycaps
  • Full UK Left handed key layout with integrated multimedia functions
  • FN key to multiplex some keys and offering a second layer of programming
  • The keyboard is fully programmable off-line, meaning it is fully programmable without any software required on the computer. Macro's can be created, existing key programming can be changed and a new layer of programming can be created. User manual included
  • Full height keys, which are contoured and slope up towards the back of the keyboard offering excellent, tactile touch typing
  • Clear easy read key legends
  • Durable fold out feet to allow for keyboard tilt
  • Status LED's (Caps, Num & Scroll Lock)

Connection. USB Height. 37 mm
Cable. 1.7 Metre Length. 448 mm
Number of Buttons.   105 Depth.   146 mm
Compatible. PC and Mac   Weight.   1.00 kg