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Filco Majestouch-2 Hakua review: a chalk-white keyboard with MX Silent Red switches

Hakua. It means ‘search’ in Finnish, but it also means ‘chalk’ in Japanese. It’s also the name of Filco’s latest mechanical keyboard. The Hakua is a chalk-white version of the legendary Majestouch-2, and it really is a stunner. This particular Hakua

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Mechanical keyboard glossary

Here is a glossary of mechanical keyboard terms. Let us know if we missed a term or we didn’t explain something as well as we could have done! 60%: A style of keyboard which is about 60% the size of

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Matias Tactile Pro for PC: available now in UK, US, German and Nordic layouts

We’ve recently received stock of a great Matias keyboard, the Tactile Pro for PC. Unlike many of the latest Matias keyboards, the Tactile Pro doesn’t use Quiet Click switches. Instead, it uses original Matias Click switches – a “full fat” option that

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