Black Friday Deals 2016


Looking for Black Friday deals on mechanical keyboards, accessories and more? You’re in the right place — welcome to The Keyboard Company’s Black Friday 2016 deals page!

We’re going to break down all the offers available on the page below, or you can head directly to the Keyboard Co Black Friday Store. Deals run until Monday but stock is going fast, so get in there while you can!

50% off Filco MiniLa

The super compact Filco keyboard of choice.

25% off KBP V100 keyboards


Gorgeous KBP V100 keyboards in a USA layout with Dolch or Olivetti double shot keycaps.

50% off Matias Keyboards

matias_tactile_pro_pc_uk_large.jpg (999×392)

A selection of Matias keyboards for PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad, available in UK, German, Nordic and French layouts.





Up to 50% off Silver washable keyboards and mice


Perfect for industrial or medical settings, these keyboards and mice are easily washable and have anti-microbial properties.

50% off Max Keyboard Keycap Sets


Pick up a set of beautiful Horoscope symbol keycaps, perfect for backlit keyboards.

50% off assorted peripherals

Trackball keyboard, PS/2

A selection of assorted keyboards, mice and more.

Wrapping up

Thanks for checking out the article. Check out the full list of Black Friday deals here!

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  • Matthew Petch

    Does the UK Matias Wireless Mini Secure Pro bypass the wireless connection when you have it connected via USB to charge?

    • William Judd

      That’s a good question Matthew. The answer is no, all communication is wireless, even when USB charging.