Filco Majestouch-2 Giveaway!

That’s right, we’re giving away one of our famous Filco keyboards to a lucky visitor! The winner will receive a Filco Majestouch-2 keyboard, with their choice of switches (Brown, Red, Black and Blue) and form factor (Tenkeyless or full size).


To enter, all you have to do is enter your email or sign in with Facebook. To gain more entries and a better chance at winning the prize, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, as well as share the competition with your friends.

You can find the rules here. If you have any issues, please let us know in the comments below!

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  • The clicking…. Oh I really love the haptic feedback of blue cherry MX switches…

  • WooHoo!

    Thanks for posting at /reddit/r/mechanicalkeyboards!

  • tauerman

    I like their durability

  • The noise and the sturdy build.

  • lavieest

    I enjoy the feedback that is given when typing on them.

  • Anonymus

    That´s easy, durability

  • V

    I’ve only ever experienced mechanical keyboards that belong to others, as I’ve never been able to afford one of my own, but I love the tactile response from them, as well as the awesome sound and ease of key change.

  • Dodh

    I’ve never win any contest… Maybe this time? One does not win without participating 🙂

  • Davr

    The clicking!

  • andrew zavala

    they just feel the best when typing anything. you can’t go back

  • baaah

    The durability and feel of them!

  • apb2390

    Favorite thing is the NOISE! Buckling spring/cherry blues are my favorite switches for that reason.

  • Brian

    Mechanical keyboards are great! They are durable and comfortable to type on. Also, on a mechanical keyboard you type over 9,000 times faster.

  • Kyle

    Rigidity and in the case of my MX Blues, the sound. Oh lord the sound is so good.

  • Spencer Walton

    Build quality and tactile feedback, for sure

  • Argy

    Best aspect of a good mechanical keyboard is the way it feels. The tactile feedback and the gorgeous sound makes it great fun to type on.

  • psikeiro

    The feedback, the smoothness, the clickiness, the subtle off-black/white/red/brown/pink/purple color.

  • My blues at work have really relieved wrist pain. I think it’s the longer key actuation.

  • Cassie

    Agree with apb2390 the sound of the keys, the feeling of them moving under my fingers, etc

  • Tony Clark

    The sound. It is so annoying to everyone else in my office. I feel like the trolliest troll that ever trolled. =P

  • Luke

    durability and raw quality 🙂

  • Plexcon

    Build quality, Durability, The sound and of course the way it clicks

  • build quality

  • I would never have found the awesome community that is geekhack if it wasn’t for mechanical keyboards, so my favorite part of them is that it’s the only computer peripheral I know of that brings people together like it does.

  • I like me some black switches

  • Its classic.

  • Marco Ceccato

    I like their durability!

  • Brandon L.

    The response, the feel, and of course the quality.

  • 191×7

    Tactile feedback.

  • X

    the clicks and the clacks :d

  • Fahim Khan

    Tactile feedback and how sturdy they are.

  • Fortune

    Smooth keypress, tactile feedback, and quality.

  • Tactile and click, Blues are the best, my Acer is second.

  • Precision, solid feel, tactile feedback and build quality.

  • anaondonf

    The clickyness

  • jason pop

    Durability and precision

  • Matt

    I love the response from the keys, as opposed to the abomination of a wireless keyboard I’m using now. Yuck!

  • Stephan

    Easier to clean and the ability to push more keys together while gaming.

  • getting exactly the same feeling no matter which key i press. Also, the keys push my finger back up, which enables some seriously fast typing. Need to try some cherry brown though, all i’ve tried is cherry blue.

  • wtfzerg

    The way they feel. Far and away superior to a rubber dome or scissor switch keyboard.

  • Adam Peacock

    The best thing about mechs is the customizability, currently rocking ergo clears with rainbow caps.

  • Fave thing is of course the sound and feedback. Currently on a Das with browns.

  • The superb build quality, tactile feedback, and overall feel of the keyboard.

  • Jordan Taylor

    Build Quality and Ninja keycaps

  • apple

    I love noise and the FEELS!

  • Tactile feedback, better than this laptop keyboard, and better build quality.

  • Junkbox

    The feel is smoother than rubber dome keyboards.

  • Winter

    The key presses just feel so much smoother and cleaner when compared to membrane keyboards.

  • The noise. Feels like I’m actually doing important work.

  • Noah Podgurski

    I like the noise they make!

  • Devious

    The best thing about mechanical keyboards are the heavenly feeling when you type, and the click with each key press.


  • Durability and loud noises.

  • Jonathan Marks

    Definitely the build quality feel!

  • Mechanical Keyboards are really awesome cause they are built to last, and increase my accuracy and speed with a very nice touch and feedback to it.

  • David

    The quality of mechanical keyboards and most of all the sturdy clean feel.

  • 3ch0

    Feedback, sound and I also spilled some beer on my keyboard and am in need of a new one.

  • The clickity clackity sounds of MX blues is the best thing for sure.

  • Evan Klauda

    The click clack! And all the pretty key caps that are out there.

  • Ijwu

    I have no idea. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to find out.

  • It’s just very cool!

  • I just love that sound. MMMM

  • Mechanical keyboards feel so nice!

  • Raymond

    The click

  • criminology

    I like the sound and feeling of using a mechanical keyboard. I also like that it’s a relatively niche (but growing) industry, so the manufacturers and vendors are focused on quality and customer service. Case in point: running contests like this!

  • Kevin Lee

    Overall feeling of typing on each switch

  • keki

    very nice sound

  • R

    The entire experience. The sound, feel, weight, and look of a high quality keyboard combine to make for a very unique experience.

  • Michael

    Definitely the tactile feedback. I’m a great fan of clicky keys. The fact that the switches are mounted on a solid slab of metal doesn’t hurt either!

  • The feel of typing on them, as in the quality and the tactile feedback

  • edgeqq

    i love the feedback with a mechanical keyboard. so satisfying.

  • hagbard

    yay I wanna win something too 🙂 like the feeling of dem keys man

  • B00m3r38

    I like everything about mechanical keyboards. They are just so much better than rubber domes.

  • sander

    tactile feedback

  • clicky sounds

  • V170

    Tactile feedbak

  • Jo

    very responsive keys and awesome build quality

  • The click!

  • elbob


  • Roland Ignacio

    The FEEL

  • Alok Hota

    I can type way faster, and the sound is amazing

  • Vintage

    quality build, precise feedback

  • Augustus

    Build Quality, Clicky Sound and the ability to customize it

  • Nha Nguyen

    Definitely the feel of it.

  • moki

    Nothing beats mech KB’s. Tactile feedback and the SOUND is amazing. =)

  • The feel of the keys under my finger tips. Pure bliss!

  • My favorite thing about mechanical keyboards is the simplicity and accuracy of the keys and the press. The sound doesn’t hurt either.

  • Tanner

    The click and the tactile bump.

  • How they feel when I’m typing up my papers, the sound they make, and the fact on how awesome they are. Can never go back to a non-mechanical keyboard.

  • Build quality, and the custom keycap community. I love my Click Clacks.

  • Leezors

    Long lasting responsiveness.

  • Lewis C

    Tactile feedback

  • ellie

    i love how nice they feel to type on

  • click clack

  • Marc Johnston

    Your fingertips melting in mechanical bliss.

  • The noise and tactile feedback!

  • Andrew G

    Durability and feel

  • Daniel

    I love the feedback from a mech.

  • Sean

    Clickety click clack clack

  • There’s just such a satisfying *click* as you type. That, on top of how smooth and easy to type on they are. MX Clears for me!

  • I enjoy both the click and the clack.

  • Jack

    They feel amazing.

  • thespam4dan

    More comfortable typing experience

  • That sexay tactile feedback. zOMG so orgasmic

  • pure unadulterated typing fun. XD

  • The way it feels when I type and the awesome sound

  • douglasman100

    I don’t know…

  • Jared

    The sound is really what does it for me. It just sounds so satisfying.

  • Jared

    The sound is really what does it for me. It just sounds so satisfying.

  • John

    Build quality, satisfying click

  • John

    Build quality, satisfying click

  • jon

    Waking up my roommate in the middle of the night while on IRC

  • jon

    Waking up my roommate in the middle of the night while on IRC

  • Patrick Sunga

    Build quality, tactile feedback and the clicky sound.

  • They’re mysterious.

  • shooz


  • Flinty

    I like them because you can get custom key caps

  • the sound

  • loud as hell, but gives that satisfying click after every press.

  • aaron t

    the feedback!

  • The clicked clack sound

  • Thomas A.

    Unsurpassed build quality, excellent tactile feedback, super fun to use and abuse!

  • Erik

    They click and clack.

  • Nathaniel

    I can type 10-15% faster and definitely more accurate.

  • eso

    The feedback

  • My favorite things about mechanical keyboards would be the key feel, durability, custom options, and comfort.

  • They feel amazing and help you type faster and more accurately

  • Cameron

    Dat sound.

  • Fett

    The sound.

  • Guest


  • JKymmel

    The sound it makes

  • Michelle

    The feel/response of the keys and build quality.

  • The precision and detail of the keyboard mechanics, also I feel more in control during my sc2 micro

  • Austin

    I have to say, I have never actually used a mechanical keyboard. However, I have been wanting to try one for a while. This seems like the perfect opportunity!

  • Bradlee

    I really love the feel, and the customizability of keycaps is pretty cool.

  • Build quality and the feedback they give.

  • Avosetta

    The durability makes them un-comparable to other keyboard types.

  • felldrizzle

    That tactile feedback. Soooo good.

  • slaytanic

    The clickety click

  • fdmartin

    The rhythm, the click-click-clack.

  • ditdeeder


  • I just love how they feel under my fingers!

  • Mech keyboards feel a lot better. Durable and very responsive! I had no trouble double tapping a key which is very important for games, e.g. Dota2!

  • Julian

    The sound they make!

  • Keyboarder

    Typing feels great and possibility to create individual designs using custom keycaps.

  • The_Beast

    Tactile feedback, ergo-clears and buckling spring FTW

  • Fluxr

    The unmatched tactile response and indescribable superiority to rubber dome, of which I have not personally yet owned, but have messed with at work constantly.

  • Ian Anderson

    Besides overall build quality, which could be had with a membrane keyboard, it is the general pleasant feeling that I get whenever I go back to typing on one from a membrane or scissor switch keyboard. It is really hard to describe, but it is some combination of increased comfort, the tactile feedback, and the more natural typing movements my hands make that all come together to make the experience of typing on a well made mechanical keyboard unlike anything else, and truly the best way to interact with a computer.

  • Chris

    How they feel and the clickety clack.

  • Jon Zahedieh

    Build quality, tactile feedback, springy keys and small actuation point allows me to type all day without getting tired fingers.

  • The look of it is smooth as a baby seals arse.

  • jj


  • LunarScratch

    I love how well built and long lasting they are.


  • Tan

    Dat feel.

  • The typing experience and feedback.

  • Dax

    Travel between actuation and bottoming out. Definitely my favourite.

  • selkies

    Feels so much better to type on and lasts much longer

  • Nikolai Hoffmann

    Tactile Feedback. And sound

    • Jason


  • Smooth yet Tactile

  • Tuukka Koho

    Awesome feel

  • Aaron Maslen

    Tactile feedback, non-linear resistance, don’t need to bottom out keys to activate (faster typing speed) and, of course, clicky clicky that annoys everyone around me c:

  • Switching cap and ctrl, and the feel when typing quickly.

  • Asif

    Tactile feel

  • The tactile feel when typing… And the sound, of course!

  • James

    So much more satisfying to use.

  • The Clicky Sound! Hells yes that clicky sound.

  • Claudia

    The feel of real keys beneath my digits

  • I love the clackclackclack!

  • The Sound.

  • cj

    the sounds! the sounds!

  • The sound of a key being pressed

  • Tim

    Feel great to type on for a long time

  • They feel nice 🙂

  • the solid and sturdy feel !

  • Quicker apm due to smaller nicer movements

  • datSLNC

    The feeling and the noise they make.

  • TheTick077

    I don’t know what my favorite thing about mechanical keyboards is as I am yet to get one. Hopefully I can win and impossible will let you know.

  • Macen

    The feeling in the keys of course!

  • My favourite thing about mechanical keyboards is the sound. And not having to bottom out keys all the time, of course.

  • The quality of typing and the solid feeling.


    Annoying my colleagues with clack-clack noises.

  • alfie

    meak u gud at starkraft

  • Rikard

    Well, with Filco boards I know I can defend myself against bears or other large animals. In general though the tactile feeling makes my fingers dance.

  • Matthew

    The pleasure of typing.

  • My favourite thing about mechanical keyboards are they are amazing for Starcraft II

  • asq

    they’re not fashy: no brushed look, white piano tiles or led highlight. keyboard should be sturdy, heavy, robust and reliable and you’re not looking at it while typing anyway 🙂

  • Tyler

    Build quality and custom key caps!

  • Niclas Juul

    The rythmic sound of the click and the clack, the swift movement of one’s fingers, and the ever-satisfying double-tap.

  • yaysian

    Nothing beats the feel of going from rubber dome keyboards to going to a Mechanical Keyboard.

  • Anthony

    The sounds of my fingers dancing on clicy clack

  • They make everything I type much more important, and I type for living, so imagine 🙂

  • Freddie

    Everyone says they are really good and I want to try one

  • Xelllll

    The sound and that feel

  • Søren

    The feeling and increased durability

  • The feedback and response, makes typing waaaay easier.

  • The quality

  • Robin Darrah

    Feedback for a registered key press

  • Costa

    Massage for the fingers!

  • Reliability

  • Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal

    Best to type without looking

  • Yesss……

  • David Meehan

    So easy to use day to day for normal stuff, yet then completely badass for an evening of gaming

  • The sound is gorgeous

  • Kitten

    Faster and better feedback than anything else out there

  • AR

    The speed at which I can type of them (and the clicking!)

  • The clean appearance and the sexy combination between a gamers wet dream the most finger stimulating keys ever.

  • cw


  • SlayerS_Billy

    The delightful feeling of the tactile keys.

  • The sound of the switches!

  • The feel!

  • Slyphoria


  • Im in the US and I love the roll over function! I would love to try your Filco Majestouch-2 NKR 104 ASCII with Red Switch, USA
    Thank you!

    • Guest

      I have to add, fellow workers say I pound my keys, lol They wouldnt have to hear me anymore!

  • Francis

    Just the way they feel. Tactile feedback is a good way to put it.

  • Shane

    Feedback (tactile & linear) and build quality.

  • James

    The feel of the keys is so nice!

  • Ulrye812

    the feel

  • A good strong build & easy of use

  • Josh

    The tactile feedback

  • I love the feel of mechanical keyboards, as well as the clackity clackity sound – no mushy domes here!

  • Amazing build quality, solid feel, and extremely long lasting! Far superior to membrane keyboards in almost every category!

  • Shawn

    Clickity Clack

  • Ben Ma

    Low activation force! Wish my mouse was built with MX switches.

  • Haegin

    The noise. Cubical farms for the win…

  • Joe

    Built quality.

  • Dan

    I don’t know yet, I don’t have one.

  • Scott M

    the feel and precision

  • build quality, you can just tell you have a filco under your fingertips!

  • kim neville

    the tapping noise

  • brilliant

  • Mechanical keyboards feel better

  • more of a physical contact

  • Clinton

    I’ve only ever had non mechanical and they break, heard a lot of good things about mechanical!

  • I simply love the feedback while typing an essay.

  • djslady28

    have like and followed hope i get to use that fab keyboard good luck to all x

  • feel appeal

  • Better build, last longer, the feedback, the feel, the sound and makes me a quicker with typing and great for gaming.

  • Definitely the feedback 🙂

  • Mr Surv

    The noise, makes you feel like you are working hard even when just looking at p…..

  • The great gadget competition.

  • full range of movement, not like a laptop keyboard

  • Owen Bell

    Effortless keypresses

  • I love the tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard.

  • 鑫 包

    The feedback of typing

  • Cheep

    Very nice press!

  • The feedback of typing

  • Lemon


  • Build quality. I have gone through so many non-mechanical keyboards, worth paying the extra.

  • kopikats

    It keeps my fingers nimble

  • the unstickiness of keys!! 🙂

  • mechanical keyboard

  • Just the feel of them – it’s so tactile and wonderful!

  • The CLICK

  • my fingers feel happier

  • They’re quality at your fingertips

  • Valentino

    The tactile response is much easier on my hands. It’s the difference between doing something the right way, and the wrong way in my opinion.

  • dav

    The sound!

  • tenkeyless and backlit

  • Very nice press!


  • Hannah Irish

    I love the feel of the keys 🙂

  • Richard Lee

    Hmm.. I have very little experience with mechanical keyboards but I guess the speed at which you can type and the feedback you get.

  • russelllib

    The feel and the slant downwards gives a easy feelgood factor

  • Henrik

    Click clik click…

  • xmd5

    they are durable and last a really long time

    Ted Kooper

  • Chuck

    Like everyone else: Tactile Feedback and durability, mostly!

  • Thanks!

  • Edriel

    Build quality and tactile feedback

  • Chris

    The sound is definitely the best part.


    Amazing Build Quality, Clicky sound, and tactile feedback. Also just the pure awesomeness of typing on them.

  • lzelli

    The strong sound and quality of build

  • soflam

    The sound and tactile feel they make.

  • I like mechanical keyboard for their typing accuracy!

  • It’s just really cool

  • Devious

    Awesome Clicky sound, great quality, superiority over membrane.

  • Tom

    The feeling of the cherry mx switches.

  • The pleasing sound of world domination at your fingertips :3

  • I love whacking on my mx red keyboard. Its so light. I want to try the brown ones.

  • DV

    Amazing Feel

  • Devioussss

    Awesome feel

  • The feeling of a bump or click on tactile keyboards!

  • Ineedofkeyboard

    What my Favorite thing about mechanical keyboards?:
    That would definantly be just the way it feels and the sounds, Construction!

  • Jesus Feralta

    The response.

  • That solid *ka-thunk* feel with every keystroke.



  • Choice of keycaps.

  • Matthijs

    The click, for sure!

  • It feels like heaven

  • Vincent

    The feel

  • Love mechanical keyboards, I like the idea they can be customised with a variety of keys, the lovely clicky clacky sound they make is also therapeutic!

  • Too smooth, too smooth.

  • wes

    I don’t know i’ve never had one but i wnt one really badly

  • kentizzle

    The Feel.

  • The sound and feel are fantastic

  • Sean Tuohy

    The way they’ll work forever, the customisation and the clack.

  • andy

    the clickity clackity = instant eargazm

  • Daniel

    Variety and Quality

  • Geoffrey Tang

    I love the tactile click of the blues. They are by far the best feeling keys I have ever had the pleasure of typing on. It doesn’t hurt that they are reliable and sturdy

  • Dan

    Awesome feel

  • Helix

    The feel of the keys, and how solid the whole thing normally feels.

  • Hwan

    Build quality and tactile feedback!

  • V


  • FuzzySnuggz

    I love the feel and tactile feedback of brown and blue switches. They have improved my typing and my APM in SC2.

  • Bryan Monks

    The amazing feeling they have versus membrane

  • The Mad Mule

    Superior build quality and consistent tactile feedback.

  • Jim

    Tactile feedback, definitely. Feels good man.

  • Ekaros

    The feeling is just superior to ruberdome.

  • Mechanical keyboard is the best the switches are the bomb!!!

  • Lauren

    Once you go mechanical you never go back, That’s for sure!

  • Morten Gredal

    Expensive as they may be, you know you’ve got a lifelong tool when you buy one, and damn me if it isn’t worth it when you’re typing on it 8 hours a day.

  • CLiB

    It’s like typing on a cloud of boobs…

  • Andrew

    Just how mechanical keyboards feel. Typing on them just has always felt better to me, no doubt about it.

  • Mechanical boards are like clear water compared to the puddle of mud that is rubberdome.

  • horton

    love the tactile feedback

  • Jeremy Hanson

    tactile feedback

  • Sam Cannon

    That they offer something for everyone with great quality 🙂

  • the solid build quality!

  • mechanic

    Click me!

  • I love the sound. Much better than any other

  • Rufus C

    The sound of the clicks. I love them so much.

  • The tactile feedback and sound are certainly a bonus’, but the confidence that what you type is what is recognized is a huge plus.

  • Vivien Alger

    tactile feedback, the general feel of the keyboard is also great

  • zac bodenhamer

    Feedback that’s essential for serious gamers.

  • Phil Heidari

    Because regular keyboards are trash.